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    5 Best Private Schools In San Diego


    Private Schools In San Diego


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    California’s second-largest and the United States eighth-largest city, San Diego, is known for more than its stunning beaches and awesome climate. In the education sector, the city has over 294 private schools which are currently serving 54,314 students. As per the latest numbers, nearly 10% of the students who are enrolled in a K-12 education program are doing so in the private schools. 

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    California Private School Enrollment

    The purpose of the following list is to give prospective students and their parents a thorough overview of each school. All of the schools here have a track record of sending students to the best universities in the nation. So let’s dive in to learn more about San Diego’s top 5 private high schools!

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    1. Francis Parker School

    Coming first on our list is Francis Parker School which is a private co-educational college preparatory day school for students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12. The school was founded in 1912 by Clara Sturges Johnson and named after Colonel Francis Wayland Parker, an American educator who pioneered progressive education in the late 19th century.

    The school is divided into three divisions: Lower School (grades JK-5), Middle School (grades 6-8), and Upper School (grades 9-12). The school’s curriculum emphasizes experiential and project-based learning, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

    The school has a strength of 1300 and 109 years of a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and actively promotes a culture of respect, empathy, and social responsibility among its students. FPS has students from diverse backgrounds who are encouraged to embrace and celebrate their differences.

    In addition to academic excellence, Francis Parker School provides a strong exposure to athletics; with over 26 varsity teams, the school boasts 102 SAN DIEGO C.I.F. TITLES and 12 C.I.F. STATE/REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!! Visual arts, 2D Art, Woodworking, Ceramics, Digital Photography, and Robotics are some other extracurriculars the school has, including a performing arts center.

    Francis Parker School has a strong reputation for preparing students for success in college and beyond. Graduates have gone on to attend some of the top universities in the country, and many have become leaders in their fields.

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1370
    • Average Financial Aid: $24,075
    • Yearly Tuition: $38,920
    • Safety and Security: 100% of students agree that they feel safe at their school

    Website: https://www.francisparker.org/ 
    Contact: (858) 569-7900
    Location and Address: 6501 LINDA VISTA RD, SAN DIEGO, CA 92111

    2. La Jolla Country Day School

    Located in the beautiful coastal community of La Jolla, San Diego, with a sprawling campus of 24 acres, the La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) is a private, independent co-educational day school and was founded in 1926. The school has a student strength of 1,147 as well as employs a total of  245 faculty and staff members. LJCDS provides 15 Grade levels from Age 3 (Tiny Torreys) to Grade 12 and has a track record of providing excellent education to its students!!

    The school offers a rigorous curriculum with experiential learning that includes courses in a variety of STEM-related subjects, as well as humanities and the arts. Students are also encouraged to pursue their passions through a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs.

    The school has a strong academic program that focuses on preparing students for success in college and beyond with 28 Advanced Placement Program (AP) courses; they have a high emphasis on helping their students gain their dream colleges. Most recently, the Class of 2022 received over 590 college acceptances. 

    The school’s campus is impressive and has all modern amenities like a performing arts center, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and numerous sports fields. The school is dedicated to sustainability and has carried out numerous eco-friendly projects.

    LJCDS takes pleasure in having a diverse and welcoming community. The school embraces the distinctive perspectives and experiences that each student brings to the community and welcomes students from various backgrounds and beliefs. The school is also very dedicated to doing community service, and students are encouraged to participate in a range of voluntary activities.

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 8:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1340
    • Average Financial Aid: $22,582
    • Yearly Tuition: $39,330
    • Safety and Security: 74% of students agree that they feel safe at their school

    Website: https://www.ljcds.org/# 
    Contact: (858) 453-3440
    Location and Address: 9490 GENESEE AVE, LA JOLLA, CA 92037

    3. The Cambridge School

    The Cambridge School is a private, independent, Christian school located in San Diego, California. It was founded in 2006 and served students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.

    The curriculum of the school is based on the classical education model, which places a strong emphasis on the learning of the liberal arts and sciences as well as focuses on the development of critical thinking abilities in children. In addition to literature, art, and history, students are also taught STEM-related subjects. The school emphasizes experiential and hands-on learning through field trips, assignments, and other activities.

    The school strives to inculcate in its students a Christian worldview and a dedication to service as part of its commitment to merging faith and learning. The institution promotes students’ growth to mold them into morally upright individuals and prepare them for future responsibilities.

    Apart from academics, they also focus on extracurricular activities, such as robotics, music, drama, and debate. The Cambridge School has a robust athletic program with several teams present in sports, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track and field. 

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 7:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1430
    • Average Financial Aid: $10,344
    • Yearly Tuition: $24,800
    • Safety and Security: 100% of students agree that they feel safe at their school

    Website: https://www.cambridgeclassical.org/ 
    Contact: (858) 484-3488
    Location and Address: 12855 BLACK MOUNTAIN RD, SAN DIEGO, CA 92129

    4. The San Diego Jewish Academy

    Fourth on our list is The San Diego Jewish Academy (SDJA), located on a 56-acre property in the Carmel Valley area of San Diego. Founded in 1979, and serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade. SDJA follows Jewish values and traditions while incorporating modern, secular learning practices. 

    The school’s curriculum is built to promote the development of critical thinking skills, creativity, and a strong sense of community among the students. SDJA grooms its students to help them in gaining admission to their dream universities; close to 92% of students from SDJA go on to attend a 4-year college course.

    SDJA campus offers state-of-the-art facilities, which include advanced science and technology labs, a performing arts center, a sports complex, and a media center. In addition to its rigorously academic programs, SDJA also offers a variety of extracurricular activities. The school is affiliated with the San Diego Jewish Community and is committed to fostering a strong connection between its students and the larger Jewish community in the area.

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1250
    • Average Financial Aid: $10,500
    • Yearly Tuition: $26,560
    • Safety and Security: 100% of students agree that they feel safe at their school

    Website: https://www.sdja.com/ 
    Contact: (858) 704-3700
    Location and Address: 11860 CARMEL CREEK RD, SAN DIEGO, CA 92130

    5. Santa Fe Christian Schools

    Last but not least on our list is Santa Fe Christian Schools which is located in Solana Beach, a coastal city in San Diego County, California. The school was founded in 1977 and offered education from preschool to 12th grade. The school has a rigorous STEAM curriculum & hands-on learning-based academic program that challenges, inspires, and educates students to become future innovators. 

    The school focuses on the overall development of a child, which includes intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth, which helps a person in their future endeavors. The school also offers college preparatory sessions and AP courses for high school students.

    In addition to the strong academic program, Santa Fe Christian Schools provides a variety of extracurricular activities and athletic programs for students. The school has over 22 highly competitive CIF teams in diverse sports and boasts of winning multiple state championships in various sports.

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1250
    • Average Financial Aid: $10,500
    • Yearly Tuition: $26,560
    • Safety and Security: 100% of students agree that they feel safe at their school

    Website: https://sfcs.net/
    Contact: (858) 755-8900
    Location and Address: 838 ACADEMY DR, SOLANA BEACH, CA 92075

    There you go!! The five best private schools in San Diego were analyzed and picked for you to consider for your child’s education. These schools not only hone your kids academically but also push them to explore their hidden talents, all the while developing their spirituality to ensure they turn out to be responsible citizens of this global community.

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