New Year's Resolutions for Kids

Top 13 New Year’s Resolutions for Kids in 2022

New Year's Resolutions for Kids


Top 13 New Year’s Resolutions for Kids in 2022

Setting goals is a critical component of a child’s growth since it teaches them responsibility. They figure out how to make commitments and how to keep those promises. Setting a New Year’s resolution is a great example of accomplishing a substantial goal, and it’s a good habit to develop at a young age.

As adults, we tend to consider New Year’s resolutions as individual ambitions, and the most common ones that come to mind are fitness and health-related: 

“I’m aiming for a 20-pound weight loss.” 

“Every day, I’m going to the gym.”

“I’m going to follow a regimen and start eating healthy.”

We should reevaluate how we approach resolutions, especially concerning our children. Resolution-making is an incredible opportunity for us to model our goal-setting experiences for our kids, as well as exercise these key skills together.

It’s a smart option for parents to think about New Year’s resolutions in several diverse ways:

  • You want to make a particular behavior a habit
  • New opportunities for family collaboration
  • A great way to find out just what your child wants to do in the new year

Should parents encourage their children to make New Year’s resolutions as a family or individually?

Both! But the key is to ensure that these are reasonable goals and that everyone understands they want to achieve the goal, is passionate about it, and has some amount of autonomy in choosing the commitment or resolution. We should keep our resolutions positive; as we want to emphasize what we should be doing instead of what we should avoid.

Better financial management and establishing healthy behaviors were among the top New Year’s resolutions for kids in 2021. Making a New Year’s resolution can help you focus on big and small goals while also laying the groundwork for a fresh start.

Need some recommendations for family-friendly New Year’s resolutions? Here are some family-friendly New Year’s resolutions for kids which provide joy and happiness while also motivating everyone in the family to pursue a good lifestyle!

1. Get Unplugged

We spend so much time with phones and gadgets, both for business and enjoyment. When was the last time you and your child went a day without watching television, checking emails, or being hooked to your phones?

Set an objective to go without your electronics for at least one day each month and instead enjoy the outdoors or have a board game session.

2. Attempt Something Different

This is one of the simplest kid-friendly new years resolutions. When everyone is cooped up, the New Year could be a wonderful time to try new interests.

‘Something unique’ could be as simple as trying one new meal or participating in a new activity once a week. Everyone can learn how to make art pieces, weave, or draw. Have you ever desired to purchase a new musical instrument and learn it? It may be the year! Alternatively, the whole family can begin learning a new skill! You can select from a wide range of indoor activities.

Moreover, if you are a tech or robotics enthusiast and want to invest in a hands-on learning experience, do try out some future-forward programs. One of the best in the business is the Innovator Program by Moonpreneur. Moonpreneur is transforming the learning experience for kids and helping them acquire a skill set that makes them equipped for futuristic technologies.   

3. Resolution for Academics 

“I am going to turn all my B’s into A’s this year.”

“I am going to get the highest marks in the upcoming exam and I’ll ask my teacher for suggestions to keep on improving.”

These could be simple resolutions that are attainable and also going to help your child improve academic performance.

4. Begin to Sprout 

One of the most important new year’s resolutions for kids. Grow a garden at home or on the patio this year for general health. Allow your kids to support you in growing herbs or vegetables at home. 

This year’s barren supermarket shelves surprised many people, but producing your veggies encourages self-sufficiency. Furthermore, children may be willing to taste the new items they’ve grown!

5. Resolution for Social Skills 

“This year I will try to interact with my peers and communicate regularly.”

“I will try to make more friends in my coaching classes and even invite my friends to my house.” 

These could be some simple goals that you can set for yourself. They will help you in improving your social skills and be a more formidable presence in your community. 

6. Shift Focus as a Family

Due to Covid, children who were learning remotely may have had fewer opportunities for physical activity. If every family member is stuck in the house, start a balanced physical schedule. Try yoga or draw up a list of YouTube workout routines for kids to do.

Jumping rope or squats are two other ways to get some exercise. Create a New Year’s resolution to be healthier and more active. Make a list of all the little and larger goals that your family would want to attain.

7. Read More

Reading should be one of the topmost new year’s resolutions for kids. How many books do you and your children have on their bookshelves that you haven’t read? And when was the last time you decided to visit your local library?

You should all become bookworms this year if you plan together! Find appropriate reading for kids of various ages, and encourage them to review and describe the book using only a reading chart or book notebook.

8. Streamline Your Life

If your home is unorganized, 2022 resolutions for kids should be to help you get everything organized. If piles of washing or disorganized rooms are creating stress for everyone at home, take some action.

Make it a family goal to become more regimented. Make a schedule defining the everyday chores that must be accomplished, and assign every task to a member of the family. Dishes to be cleaned, rooms to be tidied, and the house to be vacuumed are all tasks that children can easily take up. Simple chores such as scooping up toys, arranging socks, and so on can be performed by younger children.

9. Kindness is the Way Forward

So many households have experienced a challenging year. It’s quite possible to fall into a pit of melancholy and concentrate on whatever is bad rather than on what’s great and enjoyable.

Make 2022 a year of compassion for everyone. Make a family commitment to practice one random act of kindness each day. Two basic acts of generosity entail appreciating someone or saying “Have a good day.”

Explore what kindness means to children and how they can exercise it. A compassion notebook can help everyone realize the good they’ve done for someone else.

10. Become a Leader

This is the year you become a leader. Leadership is a skill that remains beneficial throughout life. Parents, enable small involvements of your child in family decisions. May it be a family activity, deciding on a place for a trip, or selecting a movie for screening, your child can take ownership and make the decision. Nurture your child’s communication skills and encourage them to discover their voice. Gradually, they will take initiative and lead conversations.

Moonpreneur provides a comprehensive program on leadership development. Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program, by Moonpreneur, helps kids acquire entrepreneurial and leadership traits that can prepare them for college admission, jobs of the future, and start their venture.

11. Be Grateful

Bring delight to others by showering small acts of kindness. Everyone, on the other hand, should be grateful for their good fortune. It’s all too likely to become despondent during a worldwide epidemic. Simply because people are sitting at home, it might be difficult to recall the small elements that can make a significant difference in our day.

In 2022, children can express their gratitude every day! Purchase a notepad at the local shop and jot down at least five things that made you happy or pleased every day. At night, share your thankfulness lists.

There will be myriad reasons for children to be joyful. You’ll be able to go back through your journal at any time and relive the amazing memories.

12. Open a Savings Bank Account

To assist kids to understand saving, the ‘account’ might just be a simple glass vase.

Allow your kids to put a tiny sum of money into their savings account or a vase when they get Christmas money or loose bits. 

Saving even a small sum every week builds up a great habit in the long run. Everyone can count their profits and make arrangements for the end-of-year surprise.

13. Live Green

One more from the list of important new year’s resolutions for kids. Living a “green” lifestyle is beneficial to the environment, your family, and even your finances. Make sure you’re recycling everything you can by verifying with your municipality or private recycling service.

To keep harmful pesticides off your plate, get biodegradable grocery bags and opt for organic food items.

In a Nutshell

Even though many people will struggle to adhere to their New Year’s resolutions, your child should not be one of them. Make your resolutions reasonable and work with each other to commit to them. If you miss a day or feel like you’ve dropped behind, don’t surrender.

The idea of resolutions is that they empower people to accept change in a better way. It’s a mistake to let pessimism obscure your perspective of how to accomplish such gains. While setting a resolution, develop a strategy. Find time each day to discuss family goals. This could help everyone in staying on track.

Hope our list of kid-friendly new year’s resolutions for 2022 will help you out! Have a great year!

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