Moonpreneur News in Feb 2021

Moonpreneur Newsroom: Encapsulating February 2021 Endeavors

Moonpreneur News in Feb 2021


Moonpreneur Newsroom: Encapsulating February 2021 Endeavors

Moonpreneur is abuzz with activities as our team is constantly ideating, innovating, and setting new goals to empower children to flourish in the technological ecosystem. We bring to you updates on our initiatives plus insight into our latest developments in February 2021.

1. Moonpreneur’s MoonCamp unveiled in three countries

Moonpreneur has rolled out the first edition of MoonCamp in three nations – USA, UK, and UAE – to train children with entrepreneurship and innovation skills for college and the future of work. 

The two-week virtual camp, which targets children between 9-17 years, is packed with different learning tools and training modules to provide experiential learning opportunities. The idea is to pull children out of their mundane activities, and put them in a new stimulating environment. 

Children will traverse through a wide range of learning pathways to discover the real-world approach to technology from indulging in DIY kits like Embedded Learner Board and Moonpreneur to additional skill development and learning via games. The experience will help them in planning and shaping their future.

2. MoonCamp: Three Futuristic Programs Under One Umbrella

The three programs are:

Journey into Future Tech: As the name suggests, children will be exposed to the must-have futuristic tech knowledge and skills such as Arduino/Raspberry Pi, sensors, AI, app development, game development, coding, and networking. 

Home Automation: At Moonpreneur, we believe in offering the curriculum of the future. The idea is to empower children to take the challenges of the future. That’s the reason we have included home automation in our course bouquet for the camp. This course will inform and educate children about the basics of home automation. 

Robotics: Robotics is an important topic because it ushers children into the world of programming in the simplest manner. Children enjoy learning about robotics because this device is programmed to follow instructions. Also, while learning robotics, children will learn about sensors and motors. 

We have designed the course in such a way that they will upskill themselves most entertainingly.  

3. Moonfunded launched: Best buddy to raise funds

Moonfunded could be your best bet if you are looking to raise funds for your business ideas on crowdfunding platforms.  Moonpreneur has launched Moonfunded to assist the young innovators and budding entrepreneurs at every stage of crowdfunding. 

We have an efficient team who will help in every step of crowdfunding including designing the campaign, prototyping, marketing, and fulfillment. The experts will also handhold you in taking your campaign to the two most sought-after crowdfunding platforms – Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The team has several successful campaigns in its kitty.

4. Moonpreneur’s Ask the CEO Series launched

The clarity in communication is supreme. There should not be any room for confusion or doubts. That’s why we have started the Ask the CEO Series with our CEO, Alok Jain

Alok Jain will clear all your doubts by explaining the idea behind our Innovator Program and its benefits. This exercise will enable you to make an informed decision regarding your enrollment in the program

5. Moonpreneur CEO Alok Jain on entrepreneurship in Business Upside

Our CEO Alok Jain was interviewed by the Business Upside, a news research & analysis website. In this interview, Alok Jain spoke at length about how he came up with his startup idea, the unique features of Moonpreneur, his business strategies, and he also speaks about his entrepreneurial journey. 

6. Moonpreneur Head Honcho appears on prestigious Shark Tank

Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program is hogging the limelight for playing a problem solver by providing a platform to make children future-ready. So much so, Moonpreneur CEO Alok Jain was invited by Shark Tank to talk about the company’s unique endeavor of bridging the gap between the current education system and futuristic skills through their four-stage learning module, the organization at large, and the company’s business strategies.

Sign up today in Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program and encourage your child to become a future entrepreneur and innovator.

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