Moonpreneur and India Stem Alliance Come Together to Make Kids Future-Ready

Moonpreneur and India Stem Alliance Come Together to Make Kids Future-Ready

STEM–Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is a growing field of education that helps children blossom to the best of their abilities. The world, now more than ever, is technology-driven and experiencing an innovative revolution. STEM education is a step further from the traditional teaching methodology and allows you to acquire a skill set that steers the way you behave and think. In a global context, it helps in the advancement of our society by increasing science literacy, creating critical thinkers, and providing the next age of innovators. 

Moonpreneur and India STEM Alliance (ISA), two of the most expeditiously expanding educational bodies with a shared vision, have joined hands to prepare children for the future of work. The partnership focuses on making STEM learning accessible across diverse regions, cultures, and further establishing a sustainable STEM ecosystem. 

Moonpreneur, a Silicon Valley company, caters to children aged 10-17. It aims to prepare children for the future of work by imbibing technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills in them via product-first learning. 

India STEM Alliance (ISA) is a peer-group body that conducts research in the STEM domain and supports the design, development, and promotion of learning frameworks, quality, and compliance models and solutions. It works closely with education scientists, academics, researchers, and students to collect data and deliver analyses for the STEM community.

ISA established a research project on ‘STEM within the confines of a curriculum’ to assess whether STEM learning was feasible or beneficial when not linked to the structured schooling systems. Based on the nationwide peer-supported and volunteer-assisted fact-finding quest, it was understood that a body would be constituted that would support the efforts being undertaken by different agencies and establish a sustainable STEM ecosystem that would achieve key results desired by schools and parents alike.

Moonpreneur provides an educational program that empowers and nurtures children to become future innovators and entrepreneurs. By collaborating with ISA, it has been able to reach a larger audience and take a cue from the country’s huge education spread across diverse regions, pedagogical methodologies, communities, and languages. It is important to recognize the right teaching methodologies for different sets of children and make STEM education accessible to all; especially to those who are left a bit behind when it comes to the needs of tomorrow’s world.

Since its inception, the alliance has supported and endorsed schools, learning solution providers, and EdTech startups that have supported a value transformation in learning outcomes.

Moonpreneur has been co-founded by industry veterans who have built multiple successful companies. Currently, they have students in 13+ countries and the best teachers from across the globe who cater to them. On the other hand, ISA is made up of a group of individuals from backgrounds in industry, academia, and youth education who are passionate about STEM subjects. They aim to address serious gaps which exist in these areas of the education system. 

Talking about the partnership, Alok Jain, co-founder, and CEO of Moonpreneur said, “I believe that we are moving towards a future where traditional full-time jobs may not be the primary mode of work in the already evolving gig economies we find ourselves in. Therefore, it is important to empower children by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through STEM learning, productizing their ideas, and enabling them to sell via marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and more. I am certain that this collaboration is going to be fruitful in terms of spreading technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills in children.”

The partnership is definitely very promising and laying the foundations for a fruitful future for a lot of young and enthusiastic students.

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