Moonpreneur Is Touring The US This Festive Season



Moonpreneur Is Touring The US This Festive Season

Moonpreneur team is touring the USA with the vision to empower kids with tech entrepreneurship and meet parents.

Recently, Moonpreneur joined Fog India Day and Bay Area Diwali events in an attempt to present their services to a diversified audience and connect with parents who wanted to meet our CEO and team.

We presented and offered our Innovator Program and other services at the event and took abundant time, explaining them to the attendees.

The Overwhelming Response

Moonpreneur received an overwhelming response in both the events with over 1000 people met our team. This showcases the fact that people were attracted to our services and believed that we’re on a journey that is transforming the way we teach our children and also preparing them to face future challenges.

Kids were absolutely enthralled and wanted to learn more about our products and services. Our team was excited to explain the intricate details of our offerings and how it can benefit them in the longer run.

We received 200+ sign-ups for our free trial class, which is a huge achievement in itself.

Our Moonpreneurs

Some of our students, including our Moonpreneurs Sania and Soham, also joined us at Fog India Day and the Bay Area Diwali expo. It was an absolute honor and a moment of utmost pride for us to be able to present their creations to the audience. 

Our Moonpreneurs are able to come up with their own innovations after acquiring product-development experience and going through the meticulous stages of our Innovator Program. 

The audience, especially kids of the same age showed great enthusiasm in learning about all the products and it also inspired them to follow a similar journey and design something of their own.  

Freebies and Activities

To keep an entertaining environment, we conducted a Spinning Prize Wheel activity. Several kids showed up and took part in the activity. 

We also provided a lot of products from our own innovation lab and of course, students’ innovations as freebies. These included – 

Come Join Us at Our Next Event

It was a great experience for us to be able to present ourselves across such a diversified audience. Both the events were hugely successful in terms of the response. Moreover, we were provided with a learning curve through our direct communication with the kids and parents. This helped us understand their needs, goals, and vision. 

We tried to serve all our attendees to the best of our capability. However, we apologize if we missed out on some of you. There are a lot more events gearing up and below are the details of our next event. So, if you are at any near location, come and be a part of our journey.

Event Name: 2021 Sunnyvale Diwali Festival – Free Family Event 

Date/Time: Sat, October 30, 11AM – 3 PM

Address: Sunnyvale Community Center – 550 E Remington Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 

See you there!

If you are interested in knowing how Moonpreneur is preparing students to become entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow, and how your kid can be the next success story, book a free trial today!

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