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best entrepreneurship game of 2021
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    Moonpreneur: Why You Should Try This Entrepreneurship Game in 2021


    best entrepreneurship game of 2021


    Moonpreneur: Why You Should Try This Entrepreneurship Game in 2021

    Moonpreneur thrives on the entrepreneurial learning concept and its latest innovation Moonpreneur, a board game, which is high on stimulation tools, further drives the disruptive concept. The game will push the players into the world of entrepreneurship in the most entertaining and fun manner. Such is the premise of the game that players take a sneak peek into the thought process that motivates entrepreneurs and their course of action. 

    Equipping children with futuristic skills is the motivation behind the game. Games are emerging as effective educational tools, and it is penetrating traditional classrooms to make learning easier and fun. The fun learning concept is gaining popularity in the education system because it helps in engaging and motivating children without pressuring them. In fact, games are disrupting traditional classroom learning because games help in improving the skills in the most fun manner.

    Moonpreneur – a well-researched and thought-through board game – is in tandem with the current trends. It will enhance must-have futuristic skills. The future job market is all about innovative entrepreneurs who excel in problem-solving skills. Once the players will embark on this board game, they will find themselves in the shoes of the real entrepreneurs with various junctures, forcing them to solve problems like a real entrepreneur. 

    The game is loaded with a variety of boom and bang moments that will constantly challenge the children’s creative and analytical thinking to solve problems. 

    Not just that, the game will expose children to a new set of vocabulary that will help them in understanding the concepts of the business world. 

    To answer the question of why you should try this entrepreneurship game in 2021, Moonpreneur will help children in acquiring several important skills such as critical and analytical thinking, communication, creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

    This entrepreneurship game could turn out to be your child’s favorite activity in 2021 and they will learn the following skills:

    1. Crisis Management: The bang moments in the game will introduce them to terms like.

    • Recession
    • Legal Fine 
    • Compliance
    • Tax Fraud 

    They will be forced to think out of the box to resolve the issues that are posing a threat to their chances of winning the game. Each one of us has that winning streak in us and the ones with the problem-solving attitude remove the obstacles to win the race. To win this game, the children will have to think out of the box and find a way out. 

    2. Decision-making: Entrepreneurs are not just problem solvers but good decision-makers too. At the beginning of the game, the players will have to indulge in decision-making. They will have to decide about investment and inventories. The decision to invest how much and in which product will affect the course of the game. Time spent on the game will help in enhancing their decision-making ability.

    3. Risk Management: Every business comes with certain risks and able entrepreneurs are the ones who identify risks, analyze, and evaluate risks, find solutions to mitigate risks and monitor the risk. The children will have to practice all this while playing the game. Imagine your child foreseeing risks and finding solutions to avoid risks. It would be like a feat for your child. 

    4. Futuristic Thinking: Successful entrepreneurs don’t just live in the present, they focus on the future too. During the COVID-19 several businesses boomed and several banged. Futuristic thinking is seen as the core reason behind the success and failure of businesses. 

    Such entrepreneurs can embrace the future and see the possible threats and opportunities stored in the future. This game will coerce children out of their comfort zone, motivate them to deal with short-term and long-term goals, and evolve tools to both safeguard and grow their business.

    5. Effective Communication: Communication is an important aspect of running a successful enterprise because it helps in communicating thoughts and intentions in the easiest and understanding manner. Communication inside and outside the organization can make or break a business. The thumb rule for an effective communicator is that they are a good listener and empathetic too. So, if your child lacks concentration and listening skills, this game will inculcate it in them. Not just that, it will evoke empathy and the spirit of teamwork in them. 

    6. Problem-Solving Skills: The game has several twists and turns with both positive and negative outcomes. Handling good news won’t be an issue, but the bad news should be dealt with creatively. Here, problem-solving skills would be required. Either the child will give up or forge ahead with perseverance to remove the obstacle and win the game.

    7. Strategic Thinking: The best trait of strategic thinkers is that they don’t wait for a situation to arise, they rather foresee situations, prepare a strategy, and keep resources ready to combat them. A strategic thinker evolves with time, strengthens its strategy, and upgrades its products. They also understand the need for the future and act accordingly. In short, the game will help in enhancing the forward-thinking skill of the players. 

    8. Familiarity with the Business Cycle: The entrepreneurs and enterprises across the world have to go through the business cycle. One of the gains of spending time on Moonpreneur is that it will familiarize your child with the business cycle which goes through the following stages:

    • Economic Boom
    • Expansion
    • Recession
    • Hardships
    • Recovery

    This real-life experience in the game would prepare children for the future, as they would know what to expect while running a business. 

    9. Extreme Situations and Emotions: If you want to be successful, it is important to learn to control your emotions. A reactive person has bleak chances of winning in any field. It is difficult to deal with defeat. In extreme circumstances, people react and Moonpreneur will help in training the players in dealing with extreme situations like an astute entrepreneur.

    10. Inventory Management: Successful entrepreneurs can predict the demand for their product in the future; they ensure that they maintain appropriate stock without bearing too much maintenance cost. Inventory control helps in bringing that boom moment in the business. 

    These are just a few outcomes of the game; your child will gain much more from Moonpreneur. Let your child indulge in this game because the outcome will surprise you. The game is for everyone, so you can join your child in the game. Each move and each reaction of your child will help you in analyzing every aspect of their personality and help you in plugging the gaps to make them future-ready. 

    Don’t wait, order your Moonpreneur pack now!

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