Future trends in education

Future Trends in Education in 2023: Learning Human-Centered Skills

Future trends in education


It is that time of the year when festive mood dominates everything. You just feel like getting away from the mundane and indulging in festivities. Of course, we should enjoy the year-end and reenergize ourselves to welcome the New Year 2023.

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Having said that, festivities should not distract us from our ultimate goal. A New Year should mark a new beginning and a fresh start. You should make resolutions that should take you closer to your goals. 

We have compiled top future trends in education that could help you in handling challenges in the coming year.

1. Human-Centered Learning Systems

A lot of research and experiments are underway to find out the benefits of this model. For instance, KnowledgeWorks’ Envisioning Human-Centered Learning Systems describes it as a bold vision for education that would enable life-affirming experiences and outcomes for everyone involved in learning systems.

Human-Centered Learning Systems

It says human-centered learning would represent a systemic shift that would align learning structures, policies, practices, and learning experiences around the flourishing and well-being of the people involved in education – including students, teachers, administrators, families, and community members.

The aim is that education should liberate young people to participate fully in society and it should also instill love and belongingness in them. 

2. Interpersonal Skills

What are interpersonal skills? Well! It includes emotional intelligence, empathy, cooperation, and social awareness. One of the most challenging situations in the workplace is balancing emotions with professionalism.

Interpersonal Skills

Therefore it is a must to train children to communicate with others, understand the needs of others, cooperate with others, and awareness of different cultures and traditions in the world. People with effective interpersonal skills have an edge over others. 

3. Ethics

The simple meaning of ethics is the moral principles that govern a human’s behavior. Now, this behavior is not limited to humans. You would be surprised to learn AI ethicist is a job title that’s beginning to gain traction as more companies look to deploy AI ethically. 


We know how AI has thronged the workspace therefore organizations are starting to develop AI codes of ethics. According to Deloitte, just like their human counterparts in the workforce, AI systems are expected to adhere to social norms and ethics and to make fair decisions in ways that are consistent, transparent, explainable, and unbiased. 

4. Diversity

Diversity means cultural diversity and diversity of thinking. The demand for people with such knowledge has gone up. An article on Forbes says the number of people being hired as workplace diversity experts increased 64 percent in 2020!


5. Hybrid Learning

In the hybrid model of teaching, teachers/instructors combine offline and online classes. They deliver the instructions in the classroom and to the remote students simultaneously.

Hybrid Learning

Experts say that this is the most efficient way to enhance the students’ learning quality and learning experience. Both teachers and students should adopt this new learning system for a better future. 

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6. Connectedness and Collaboration

In the conventional learning system, teachers/instructors share information with the students in a live classroom. But this is not sufficient to train the children with the skills that are in demand. 

Connectedness and Collaboration

Therefore it is predicted that this learning model will be replaced by a new learning model where classrooms will create opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and work in teams in the classroom. The USP of such classrooms will be flexibility. 

7. Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Technology is a boon for those who are hungry for information.  It allows them to access information and knowledge conveniently. They can learn anything anywhere, anytime.

Various tools such as online learning, nano-learning capsules, short videos, and text, are making it convenient for students to learn at their pace without worrying about the timings or deadlines.

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

If you look at our traditional education, the focus was more on texts but the technological revolution is forcing institutions to create a space for practical and human-centric learning solutions.

We do not have to go anywhere to pick up these skills, we can start at home. Cut down the screen time and let your child step out and meet others, communicate, face challenges, solve them and learn from the experience. 

Enroll in our free 60 min robotics workshop for kids or talk to our program advisor at +1 (855) 550-0571 and experience the future of education. 

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