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Best Computer Science Schools In Texas
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    Best Computer Science Schools In Texas


    The 12th most popular major in the U.S. is computer science, making it one of the trendiest degree programs in the country. According to U.S. News & World Report, the top career in America is that of a software developer, which computer science helps you prepare for. The world can not survive without the systems, programs, and apps software engineers create, and they are well compensated for their work. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the average yearly wage is $105,590!!

    Leading Tech Occupation Jobs

    In Texas, however, approximately 10 universities are listed among the top 150 universities in the U.S. for computer science, making it difficult to get into the best colleges for computer science, reports U.S. News.  

    What Makes Texas a Good Place to Study Computer Science?

    There are numerous possible advantages to earning a computer science degree in Texas. The state provides computer science programs at various degree levels at colleges and universities around the state, especially in central Texas, Dallas, and Houston.

    Texas at a Glance

    After graduating, if you remain in the state, you may have access to employment prospects through your relationships there. Additionally, you can gain from Texas’s higher-than-average tech pay and lower-than-average cost of living. According to Cyber states, as of 2021, the state’s tech workers were paid 123% more than the median American employee.

    These are terrific times to pursue a career in computer science, and our list of the best Computer Science schools and universities in Texas can help you select the perfect school for acquiring your computer science degree.

    1. University of Texas – Austin

    University of Texas , Austin is a prestigious institution with a long history, and it is ranked as high as seventh overall and eighth for best value among public universities in the country. Over 40,000 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university now in a total of 156 degree programs.

    Big Data, Computer Systems, Cybersecurity, Game Development, Machine Learning and AI, and Mobile Computing are the six undergraduate programs in computer science offered by the university. Students are also provided with both internships and opportunities for undergraduate research. Regarding computer science, U.S. News ranked the university 10th in the country.

    Acceptance Rate: 36%

    Fees: $25,440

    Average SAT: 1220-1460

    Average ACT: 26-33

    2. Texas A&M University

    Texas A&M University had 64,961 students enrolled during the spring of 2020, tying UCF for the most prominent campus enrollment in the US. The university is ranked 10th overall in the National University Rankings by Washington Monthly, ahead of powerhouses from the Ivy League like Cornell and Columbia. 

    The university’s computer science program maintains its standing, with CS Rankings placing it 32nd nationally and 2nd in the state. Additionally recognized by ABET is the B.S. in computer science. A widely recognized computer science degree is available from Texas A&M, with in-state tuition at a fairly affordable $13,000 per year.

    Acceptance Rate: 70%

    Fees: $28,476

    Average SAT: 1140-1360

    Average ACT: 25-30

    3. Rice University

    There are 7,000 students enrolled at Rice, a private research institution in Houston. Among the university’s many accomplishments are consistent placements among the top 20 universities in the country, a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio, the 7th-best student resources, and the 2nd-best quality of life.

    Additionally, Rice’s computer science program has received multiple honors, placing first in scholarly output by computer science faculty and 20th nationwide in graduate computer science. It is also ranked 11th in programming languages.

    Both B.A. and B.S. choices are available in computer science for the undergraduate degree, and graduates frequently create their businesses and find employment with IT giants. The sole drawback of Rice is its hefty annual tuition of over $50,000, yet it does an excellent job in computer science anyway.

    Acceptance Rate: 15%

    Fees: $63,158

    Average SAT: 1490-1580

    Average ACT: 33-35

    4. University of Texas – Dallas

    University of Texas, Dallas, founded by Texas Instruments’ founders, is a rising academic star. The average ACT score for the almost 20,000 undergraduate students at the university is 29, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 23:1. It’s understandable why Forbes called UT Dallas the best value public university in Texas given its nationally ranked majors and an annual tuition of less than $14,000.

    UT Dallas has 2,800 students enrolled in computer science. A quick route to Master’s degrees, excellent classroom instruction and facilities, and plenty of opportunities for internships are provided by the program. ABET accredits a computer science degree from the University of Texas at Dallas, and the degree is respected across the nation and very affordable.

    Acceptance Rate: 76%

    Fees: $27,360

    Average SAT: 1220-1430

    Average ACT: 26-32

    5. Southern Methodist University

    Southern Methodist University should be on the list of any student interested in a computer science degree. Private, not-for-profit SMU is a university with a sizable student body in a significant Dallas suburb. SMU is a top-tier institution, earning a Best Colleges ranking of #91 out of 2,241 colleges nationally.

    In the current data year, there were roughly 73 computer science graduates from SMU. The average salary for computer science majors is approximately $11,804. Thus, graduates from Southern Methodist University make about $11,804 more.

    Acceptance Rate: 48%

    Fees: $72,408

    Average SAT: 1270-1440

    Average ACT: 28-32

    As we have seen in this article, the state of Texas is home to some of the best computer science universities in the country. It is easier to go right if you want to learn computer science in Texas, as this state excels at higher education, with computer science being a shining example.

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