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Coding Books Your Child Should Read
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    Top 10 Best Coding Books Your Child Should Read


    Coding Books Your Child Should Read


    Looking to introduce your child to the exciting world of coding? Look no further than these 10 best coding books for kids! 

    From beginner-friendly introductions to advanced programming concepts, these books cover a range of programming languages and offer engaging and interactive ways for young learners to get started with coding. 

    With the help of these books, your child can develop valuable skills that will prepare them for the digital future and open up a world of endless possibilities. 

    So, whether your child is a budding tech enthusiast or just curious about coding, these books curated by Moonpreneur are sure to be their new best friends!

    Best Coding Books children should read 

    1. HTML for Babies

    Author: John C Vanden-Heuvel Sr

    Age: 3 to 5 years

    Looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce your little ones to the world of web design? Look no further than this colorful book! The first volume in a three-part series, this 14-page book is perfect for little learners who are curious about the building blocks of the web. Written by NYC-based web designer Vanden-Heuvel Sr., this book was created for his child. 

    Through engaging visual patterns and symbols, this book effortlessly introduces children to the basics of web design, requiring no prior coding knowledge. So, whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just looking for a fun way to spark your child’s creativity, this book is the perfect way to get started!

    2. Scratch – Coding for Beginners 

    Author: CodaKid Team

    Age: 6-12 years

    In the series of beginner-friendly books, Scratch-Coding for Beginners is quite popular. With years of experience teaching coding to over 100,000 kids since 2014, this team, run by David Dodge, Marshall Cannon, and Matt Stinson, has created the perfect introduction to coding for young learners. 

    With its clear and easy-to-follow instructions, it provides a gentle introduction to the basics of coding through the popular Scratch programming language. This book covers all the basics of coding and is ideal for children who are just getting started with programming. 

    3. 25 Scratch 3 Games for Kids

    It’s a step-by-step workbook recommended for beginners. Even for this one, no prerequisite knowledge is required. The author uses colorful graphics and accurate explanations to teach kids the basics of Scratch 3, a kid-friendly programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. 

    With this book, kids can learn to create games, animations, and more, all while building their confidence and creativity in coding.

    4. Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

    Author: Linda Liukas

    Age: 4-7 years

    This is a picture and activity workbook for kids. Computational thinking and problem-solving skills are taught in this book. 

    The book “Hello Ruby” introduces children to a girl named Ruby, who is trying to solve puzzles. Ruby is a determined problem solver who breaks down big problems into smaller ones. Children are encouraged to join Ruby on her quest and help her solve the puzzles, which require them to apply computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

    5. Coding Projects in Python: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to creating your Python Projects

    Publisher: DK

    Age: 9-12 years 

    Published by DK (Dorling Kindersley Limited), a British multinational publishing company, this visual guide provides a step-by-step approach to creating Python projects.

    Children can create exciting games, decipher tricky codes, and design quizzes using Python with the help of this book. It serves as a perfect introduction to Python coding for kids for those who have already gained some experience with Scratch and are ready to take the next step. Once they have downloaded Python 3, they are prepared to start coding!

    6. Girls who code: Learn to Code and Change the World

    Author: Reshma Saujani. 

    Age: 9+ years

    This one teaches coding history and computational thinking to kids while encouraging young girls to develop their ideas, apps, games, etc.

    7. CoderDojo Nano: Building a Website: create with code

    Author: Clyde Hatter

    Age: 8 years old 

    CoderDojo is a coding club where you can learn, hang out with other coders, and have fun with computers. This book teaches you how to build your website and start your own Dojo Nano club with just a computer and some friends.

    8. Ruby Wizardry: An Introduction to Programming for Kids

    Author: Eric Weinstein

    Age: 9-12 years

    Readers of this book meet two adorable lead characters, Ruben and Scarlet, who take them on an adventure through a magical land. Along the way, they introduce coding principles such as loops, files, strings, and more to the readers.

    9. Hello Swift!: iOS App Programming for Kids and Other Beginners

    Author: Tanmay Bakshi 

    Age: 9+ years 

    If your child is interested in writing apps for iPhones and iOS devices, this book provides a kid-friendly guide to get you started, beginning with your very first line of Swift code.

    The author of this book was only around 4 years old when he started coding and published the book when he turned nine. 

    A perfect solution for kids and other beginners who want to learn iOS app programming.

    10. Computational Fairy Tales

    Author: Jeremy Kubica. 

    Age: 9-12 years

    Perfect for those who enjoy books with fantasy and magical elements and want to learn the fundamentals of computer programming and critical thinking. Children are encouraged to apply logic in the enchanting world of this book.

    With this list, you can choose the book that best fits your child’s age and skill level. So consider their needs and interests, and get them started on their coding journey today!

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