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    How to Choose a Career Path For Your Child


    what career is right for me quiz


    How to Choose a Career Path For Your Child

    It’s always said that it is never too early to start planning your child’s future. Although, it is easier said than done as one never knows what the future beholds.

    There is one thing a parent can always do and that is, to give the right direction and tools to their children in order to help them in taking the right decisions for their future careers. 

    There is a popular saying – “A young branch of a tree can be made to grow in a new direction”. This is applicable to your kids as well.

    The children who are between 8 to 15 years of age if shown correct guidance and imparted right skills can grow to become successful individuals and leaders in their fields.

    Although, the questions still remain, how do you know if they’ll be interested in the things recommended by you? What type of career should they pursue? And most importantly when should you begin looking?  

    As parents, how would you guide your children toward the right career? Would you burst their bubble of childhood innocence and insist that they pursue a career that guarantees them money?

    Or would you encourage them to follow their passions and let the money sort itself out?

    Let’s deep dive into some of the pointers which are suggested by our experts at Moonpreneur and discover some of the best ways you as a parent can approach

    1. Try Narrowing Down their Career Options

    Your child is still too young to choose a career and be focussed on achieving the desired career goal, given their age a young child’s mind can tell them to be an astronaut and a dragon warrior simultaneously or maybe both!!

    Narrowing down the career options helps them choose from one of the options in which they might be interested. 

                                choosing a career path for kids

    Attending career counseling with your child might be one of the ways, though it might sound a bit technical for them, for you it’ll be an opportunity where you will learn to find their areas of interest.

    2. Discover their Career Interests 

    There are several ways to discover the career your child might be interested in. One of the simplest ways is just plainly asking them what they wish to become after growing up.

    The answers to this question might be bizarre or hint you towards a specific direction your child might be interested in. 

                                career interest

    Observing them is also one of the many effective ways a child can be given guidance. Once you start observing their behavior you will find many answers.

    Observe how they approach a problem, do they try searching for a logical answer to any problem, or whether they are inclined towards knowing the scientific reasons behind everyday occurrences. The answer to your dilemma is hidden in their behavior. 

    3. Try Taking Moonpreneur Career Quiz

    Taking a Moonpreneur career quiz for kids with your child might help you as a parent in recognizing your child’s strengths as well as help your child discover their areas of interest.

    Moonpreneur brings an interactive short Career Quiz made especially for parents who wish to find the perfect career path for their child.

                              career quiz for kids

    The carefully selected questions will help you in understanding the direction you as a parent might provide to your child. Take the quiz and make the right move by answering the simple questions.  

    4. Help Your Child Build A Career Path 

    Evaluate your child’s strengths, skills, and interests. Investing in building up skills in line with the interests of your child will help them in walking on a career path that will help them become ready for the future workforce.

    The world has entered a new phase and Industry 4.0 is now upon us, this industry will require people who have both technical and soft skills. 

                                how to build a career path

    Imbibing both these skills in equal measure from a young and tender age will help your child walk along a path in which they are able to lead future teams in workplaces with their ingrained skills and strong persona.

    5. Help Your Child Understand the Job Marketplace 

    Gone are the days in which there were just one or two career paths to follow. In the present-day job marketplace, there are multiple avenues to explore. 

    You as a parent bear the responsibility of educating your child about how dynamic the present-day marketplace has become and which skills will benefit them in the future.         

    Attending career development webinars and a few free workshops is one way to help them understand the job marketplace as well as aid them in understanding the skills and courses they’ll have to undertake to make themselves future-ready for the challenges Industry 4.0 will throw at them. 

    As a parent one always wants their children to succeed in life. Though early career planning is difficult for both parents and children alike, it is a necessity in our present rapidly changing world.

    The key will always be keenly listening and understanding your child’s needs. We hope the above pointers will help you become a guiding light for your child and taking Moonpreneur’s Career Quiz will become a concrete step toward their successful future.

    Also, Moonpreneur offers a wide range of holistic STEM related courses which include Robotics, Math, Game Development, App Development and others. 

    Book a free demo session today or talk to our program advisor at +1 (855) 550-0571 and explore Moonpreneur’s uniquely designed programs. 

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