Best Robotics Summer Camps in the USA

6 Robotics Summer Camps – What are the Options?

Best Robotics Summer Camps in the USA


6 Robotics Summer Camps – What are the Options?

Children are fascinated by robots. They connect with robots easily. So much so that in schools and colleges, an increasing number of students opt for robotics nowadays. They enjoy participating in robotics competitions. Their quest to know how robots work motivates them to explore the technology and take up robotics-related activities.

If your child shows interest in robotics and wants to pursue it, they can start with a robotics camp. Camps are one of the most obvious ways to foster an interest in robotics. A robotics camp follows a focused learning approach.

Specialized activities in these camps focus on robotics, which is an integral part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and its offshoot. Children get personalized attention, which helps in building their interest. The time spent at these camps helps children in learning the subject.

The icing on the cake is that these camps mix learning with fun elements while keeping stress at arm’s length. These camps neither come in the way of their academic sessions nor overburden them.

These tech camps also help children in discovering their passion for the subject, reinventing themselves, and of course, they learn new concepts.

Robotics courses teach designing, programming, and building a machine. What makes it interesting is that it takes children through a series of topics by doing activities. In the end, it is thrilling for children to watch a machine carrying their instructions so precisely.

Now you must wonder, are there any such camps that just focus on robotics. Yes, there are plenty of robotics camps that will also help your children in flourishing their social skills, team spirit, and emotional intelligence. You will be surprised to learn that some camps cater to children as young as kindergartners. 

In the US, there are a lot of robotics camps. Here are the six robotics camp that you can try this summer:

1. MoonCamp

The new players usually come with some unique features that set them apart, and that’s why MoonCamp by Moonpreneur gets a mention on the top six list. The best part about this virtual camp is that it is offering five courses that include robotics. Students can invest their time in this fun and learning rendezvous. The hands-on learning activities and assignments will help in clearing the concepts and augment the learning process.

Ages: 9-17

2. iD Tech Code-a-Bot: AI and Robotics with Sphero BOLT Summer Camp

At this camp, the focus is on coding and robotics for both beginners and advanced learners. It introduces children to two learning tools – Take-home Sphero BOLT and Sphero Edu App. They learn to use Sphero BOLT to learn visual coding and program a robot to complete tasks.

The curriculum also includes creating basic games and behaviors and navigating obstacles and surroundings programmatically. The activities at the camp help develop problem-solving skills in young learners. The best part is there is no prerequisite for joining this camp.

Ages: 7-9

3. AlphaStar Summer Robotics Camp

AlphaStar Summer Robotic Camp is meant for middle school students (6-8 grades) who are interested in learning about robotics. The three-week camp introduces children to the basics of robotics and also prepares them for the First Lego League (FLL) Challenge, one of the most prestigious competitions in the robotics field for middle school students in the world.

Their 2020-21 academic calendar features two winter camps. Usually, their summer camps are scheduled for June.

Ages: 11-13 (6-8 grades)

4. Digital Media Academy Robotics & Engineering Academy

Digital Media Academy regularly organizes tech camps for children, and this year they are offering Robotics & Engineering Academy. The two-week camp will make children learn to build and program a robot using Arduino and a pi-top laptop using Python. Children can take their creations home.

Ages: 12-18

5. Robotics Academy Space Camp

The weeklong camp focuses on hands-on sessions in robot chassis design and building algorithms, remote-control design and operation, and aerial drone operations. Children will indulge in programing robots to interact with the world using a variety of sensors and motors, managing wireless signals to control and pilot robots, etc.

Ages: 12 – 14

6. Drobots Camps

Drobots is organizing real camps for kindergarten to 8th-grade children. This year their featured program is Drone Camps. This camp offers valuable STEM and drone flight skills to advance further interest in the fastest-growing industries. From drone entrepreneur, drone film director, drone aerial mapper, drone sports enthusiast, future drone engineer, aspiring drone racer or drone robotics guru, Drobots’ drone STEM or STEAM summer program has something for everyone.

Ages: 3-12

Benefits of robotics camps: 

  • Improves teamwork and leadership skills
  • Instills critical and logical thinking
  • Introduces coding, programming, etc. without pressuring them 
  • Provides a window to look into the futuristic requirements
  • Empowers them to create something independently
  • Learn to design and build robots
  • Makes learning fun
  • Improves social skills

Some camps have already announced the dates. Some are in the process of doing that. Just remember exposure to structured learning is important, and the activities designed by these camps can enhance your child’s interest.

So, make this summer vacation meaningful for your children by enrolling them in a camp as per their knowledge and interest.

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