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    10 Places to See in Texas With Your Kids


    Places to see in Texas


    Texas offers a plethora of exciting and fun-filled destinations for families to enjoy quality time together. From adrenaline-pumping rides to wildlife adventures and unique butterfly sanctuaries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the Lone Star State.

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    Places to see in Texas with your kids

    1. Space Centre, Houston

    Places to See in Texas

    If you’re a space enthusiast or just curious about the cosmos, you’ll want to check out this awesome Space Center. With over 400 space artifacts on display, you’ll get a sneak peek into America’s remarkable human space-flight program and its exciting future.

    There are permanent and traveling exhibits, interactive experiences, and theaters where you can learn all about space exploration. You can even try on an astronaut suit and get up close with moon rocks and other space artifacts from the Mercury, Apollo, and other missions.

    Plus, the Space Center is famous worldwide as the home of NASA Mission Control, International Space Station Mission Control, and astronaut training. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at NASA Johnson Space Center and its inner workings. 

    It’s a fantastic experience that both kids and adults can enjoy. 

    So what are you waiting for? Come and explore the final frontier!

    Website: https://spacecenter.org/


    Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM

    Saturday – Sunday: 10 AM. – 6 PM


    Child (ages 3 & younger): Free

    Kid (ages 4-11): $24.95

    Adult (ages 12 & older): $29.95

    Senior (ages 65 & older): $27.95


    2. Children’s Museum of Houston

    Places to See in Texas

    An absolute delight for kids, this kid-friendly place is a must-visit. It can be considered as a playground for the kids’ minds. Kids can explore as well as learn. 

    In the Children’s Museum of Houston, kids can learn about force, Friction, physics, etc. It also helps kids in inventing new things at the Chevron Houston Texas Maker Annex and also makes the kids learn more about technology.  That is why this is one of the fun things kids can visit in Texas. 

    Website: https://www.cmhouston.org/


    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday:  10 AM – 6 PM

    Thursday:  10 AM – 8 PM

    Monday: Closed 


    Free for Children Under 1

    Adults and Children (Ages 1+): $17

    Senior Citizens (Age 65+): $16

    Members of the Military with Active ID:  $15


    3. Natural Bridge Caverns

    Places to See in Texas

    If you have a fondness for the marvels of nature, consider scheduling a trip to the Natural Bridge Caverns. The majority of the allure lies beneath the surface of the Earth, where you’ll encounter immense, surreal structures that have been shaped by the gradual drip of water over time. Each formation is the result of individual droplets and the passage of time.

    A great place for a family outing. Families can make memories by exploring the caves and participating in many fun attractions inside the caves. These Caverns are suitable for five-year-olds and above.

    Website: https://naturalbridgecaverns.com/

    Timings: Open every day. Hours vary by date.

    Tickets: Adults $25.75-$30 Vary by day

    4.  Elephant Preserve in Texas

    Places to See in Texas

    The 90-minute excursion at the Elephant Sanctuary offers a plethora of activities, from spending quality time with Asian elephants to bathing them, discovering elephant care, and capturing plenty of memorable photos. 

    Regardless of age, both adults and children can relish the experience. It’s a unique opportunity that enables you and your loved ones to engage with these magnificent creatures interactively and fully. Kids can bathe the elephants while also gaining insight into these fascinating animals.

    Website: https://www.visitthepreserve.com/

    Timing: 11 AM


    Adult: $125

    Free for 3-year-old and younger kids


    5. Six Flags Fiesta, Texas

    Places to See in Texas

    This theme park has many thrills, ranging from exhilarating rides for thrill-seekers to family-friendly rides, water rides, and rides designed specifically for kids. It’s one of the most exciting theme parks, where children can experience an adrenaline rush on roller coasters and enjoy various entertaining performances. 

    You can grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants or cool off on a hot day by heading to the water park. The park also features family rides that cater to toddlers and allow the entire family to enjoy the excitement together.

    This place is suitable for kids whose age is more than 3.

    Website: https://www.sixflags.com/fiestatexas

    Timing: 10 AM-7 PM.

    Tickets: $39 onwards


    6. Fort Worth

    Places to See in Texas

    Fort Worth, located just 30 minutes away from Dallas, offers one of the best vacation destinations for both kids and families alike. Explore the Giraffe, Tortoise, Owl, and Dinosaur exhibits at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, along with various other animals.

    Website: https://www.fortworthzoo.org/

    Timing: Monday-Friday – 10 AM-5 PM

    Saturday and Sunday – 10 AM-6 PM

    Tickets: Adults (13+) $18

    Children (3 TO 12) $14

    Toddlers (2 & Younger) FREE

    Seniors (65+) $14

    7. Kemah Boardwalk

    Places to See in Texas

    This American Boardwalk is one of the perfect places to spend an afternoon with his/ her entire family. There are a lot of rides and restaurants to explore at this place. You can discover a new way to celebrate as this area has holiday-themed festivals. This place is open to all age group people.

    Website: https://www.kemahboardwalk.com/


     Monday-Tuesday: 12 PM-8 PM

    Wednesday-Thursday: 11 AM-8 PM

    Friday: 11 AM-9 PM

    Saturday: 11 AM-10 PM

    Sunday: 11 AM-9 PM


    48+: $26.99

    Under 48: $20.99

    8. Amarillo Zoo

    Places to See in Texas

    This wildlife paradise is a 15-acre wildlife haven, housing over 120 animals worldwide, such as lions, pythons, kangaroos, and more. You can easily spend an entire day at the zoo, taking advantage of the live animal shows, picnic areas, playgrounds, and other entertaining activities. 

    The animals are most active in the morning, so it’s advisable to arrive as early as possible. 

    Additionally, Amarillo Zoo takes pride in providing various educational and engaging programs, both virtually and on-site or off-site, for students and organizations alike.

    Website: https://www.zoo.amarillo.gov/

    Timings: Monda-Sunday, 9:30 AM-5 PM 


    Adults (13 -61): $4.50

    Seniors (62+): $3.50

    Children (3-12): $2.50

    Infants (0-2): Free

    9. Lake Travis

    Places to See in Texas

    If you’re a fan of the movie “Spy Kids” and want to explore the locations featured in the opening scene, visiting Starnes Island on Lake Travis is a must. As Austin is dubbed the Live Music Capital of the World, Lake Travis is no exception, with fantastic venues hosting the Best Lake Travis Live Music. 

    Additionally, the lake features a water park known as Beachside Billy’s, offering numerous rides and activities suitable for the whole family, including children’s and adult pools, as well as rental boats for partying. It’s an ideal destination for family bonding on a scorching day.

    Website: https://laketravis.com/

    Timings & Tickets: Check the website 


    10. National Butterfly Center

    Established by National Butterfly Center, this 100-acre property is a nature center planted for butterflies and offers visitors to learn about butterflies, their habitat, and their requirements.

    This center is a place for hundreds of wild butterflies, attracted to the plethora of nectar-rich plants the sanctuary grows. Families will admire the many colors and shapes that various species of butterflies have.

    Website: https://nationalbutterflycenter.org/

    Timings: Open round the year


    Adults: $10.00

    Children (5-12): $5.00

    Children Age 4 & Under Free

    Week pass: $35.00

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