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The most realistic Tambola app

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Tambola – A Real Experience (Housie/Bingo)

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Tambola is a variation of bingo that can be played with family and friends! Create your club, select your prizes, communicate in-game, and customize the experience with many game parameters to make it unique and realistic!

The world is going through turbulent times, and people have been looking for ways to enjoy and have fun. Keeping in mind today’s stress-ridden and extraordinary times, Entrepreneur in Residence, Shorya Malhotra, Founder, and CEO of MQbit, created the Tambola game app to assist people in reliving memories and reducing stress. 

The ever-looming presence of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that people could not meet each other and play the games they once were able to, which also led to a sense of isolation and the loss of community. Tambola is one of the prominent games that people used to play in real life. Therefore to recreate that experience, Shorya created the Tambola app to bring people together again in times of social distancing. 

About Tambola 

We work hard to provide you with the most realistic Tambola experience available! With all of our unique game options, you may build up the game just like you would in real life. In the palm of your hands, we want to bring you as close as possible to the linked experience we once had before Covid-19. This is Tambola – A Real Experience!


  • Private Clubs: To play with your family and friends, create or join bespoke private clubs!
  • Custom Rules: One of the most realistic Tambola games on the market, if not the most realistic! Customize the in-game parameters to meet your requirements, such as bogey options, the amount of time a person has to call, and so on.
  • Custom Awards: Choose from a growing range of rewards to make your Tambola experience truly unique for you, your family, and your friends! You may easily change how the awards are distributed!
  • In-Game Chat: While everyone is playing, you can chat in-game with your family and friends, creating a more realistic experience.
  • Leaderboard and Stats: View in-game statistics such as your current standing, the money you or another user has earned in the game, and even who got what reward! You have all of this information in the palm of your hands, thanks to an easy-to-use interface!
  • Automatic Ticket Generation: As soon as you join the game, our system will generate a ticket(s) for you, just like it would if you were playing Tambola in person!
  • Automatic Number Announcement and “Fun Mode”: All of your family and friends can play together without worrying about who will be calling the numbers thanks to our automatic number announcement feature! We’ve also introduced our own “Fun Mode,” which allows each user to hear the numbers more enjoyably, making the experience even better and more realistic.

Getting Started and How To Play

*Download the Tambola – A Real Experience (Housie/Bingo) App Now to get started!*


You can pick and choose the rewards you want to enable, as well as the amount you can win from the overall number of ticket sales, with our fully configurable list of prizes. There’s no need to do any calculations because our software takes care of that for you and gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy the game!

Our in-game calling procedures have been built to cater for real-world events. We strive to make this app as close to the real thing as possible.

About the Creator 

Shorya is a 20-year-old ingenious entrepreneur in the making who loves to innovate and put his technical skills to best use. His curiosity to learn and implement has given him tremendous success at a young age. He wants to come up with creations that enrich human connection, connect them virtually and also ease off their worries through some fun elements during difficult times.

About Moonpreneur 

Shorya Malhotra designed the Tambola app under the guidance of Moonpreneur’s team of experts. Moonpreneur provides students with excellent technical knowledge and brilliant entrepreneurial skills to succeed in today’s industries and the future world. Moonpreneur Inc is creating future entrepreneurs through its Innovator Program.


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