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Problem: I see an everyday problem where the disabled and elderly people struggle to push their own wheelchairs, or do not always have their family members to push the wheelchair for them. This is a huge difficulty for them and one which is a huge cause of frustration, as they have no one to actually rely on in an emergency.



I want to provide a solution for them that would allow them to have a “buddy” that will help the customers with their needs. “Wheel Buddy” will be an easy way for them to achieve this without having to resort to higher cost automatic wheelchairs. It is also user-friendly, and detachable, therefore it can be used by almost anyone who can read a manual!

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Since the product only needs to be charged to move all by itself, the customer now no longer has to push the wheelchair by themselves; or rely upon their guardians to push it also. 

This will make it significantly less harder for them to move around anywhere and they don’t have to rely upon someone else every time they have to go somewhere.


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