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Aarav Bakshi was a part of Moonpreneur’s MoonBattle Program Season 3, where under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts he developed the idea for Touchless Trash Can from scratch while pursuing the course.


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Project Name: TT -The Touchless Trash Can
Team Member: Aarav Bakshi
Program: Moonbattle
Category: |
More Information: Coming Soon
Aarav Bakshi was a part of Moonpreneur's MoonBattle Program Season 3, where under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts he developed the idea for Touchless Trash Can from scratch while pursuing the course.  


TT -The Touchless Trash Can, developed and refined during MoonBattle Season 3,
has earned an opportunity to compete at the
MoonBattle Conference 2024 in Milpitas, Silicon Valley

The Story

Meet the future of waste disposal – introducing the Touchless Trashcan.

Life is busy, and we get it. That’s why we’ve reimagined the way you handle your daily trash.

Gone are the days of struggling with lids and pedals. With Touchless Trashcan, it’s as easy as a wave.

Our sensor technology opens the lid automatically, keeping your hands free and your kitchen mess-free.

And when it’s time to take out the trash, our bagging system makes it a breeze. No mess, no stress.

Perfect for kitchens, offices, or anywhere cleanliness and convenience matter. It’s not just a trash can; it’s a game-changer.

Upgrade to a cleaner, smarter lifestyle. TouchGuard SmartBin – where innovation meets simplicity.


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My grandma was struggling to learn how to open our trash can, as she just came to our house, and I saw that. I tried to do something about it when I realized that I could make a better trash can. I did and she loved it so much that she immediately blessed me and wanted to take it with her when she left. I told her that I would make another one for her, as I had most of the materials, and she became full of bliss. This is also because many people on Earth have back problems, which can cause harm to them, as people need to open a trash can. This is also because people can get sick from all the nasty germs sitting on the trash can waiting to attack.



I made a sensor-operated trash can that opens up the second you walk towards it, which allows users to save future money on back problems, as you don’t need to bend down to open it, which will also, in turn, help slow down the process of making people sick. I came up with this idea due to my grandmother, who was in pain due to back problems, and who even fell down to try and reach the trash, and to me to try and fix it. This is a near-perfect solution as It will provide help to the needs of my addressed people (the disabled and anyone who wants it).


I don’t want anyone to be in pain due to such a little thing. The thing that encourages me to keep on going is the fact of knowing that my grandmother’s problem will finally be helped.

About Us

The TT is a touchless trash that opens the second you walk toward it, using sensors to detect how far the user is. To open the trash, the user must be within a certain range that the user gives me.

Material Used

It is made by coding and a bunch of hardware which are as follows:

an Arduino UNO, a 9g servo, metal wires, wires, an ultrasonic module, tape, hot glue, and more.


I will start my business in my neighborhood and then slowly expand to my town and then even neighboring towns. This is because I don’t currently have any people who work for me or any employees, that can ship or even install my product. The people who will get the most enjoyment out of my product will be the handicapped, as they can finally relax during one of their difficulties. My product will be available online as people can buy my product straight from my website, or other online shopping places like Amazon. People can get to know about my product by looking at my online presence which is on Instagram, YouTube, and more. I will also put up ads on Google or other websites, displaying my product, and I might even give out discounts during the holiday seasons or some other occasions.



The TT is better than other players in the market because the sensor is on the bottom and not on the top, where you have to wave your hand over the trash which wastes 5 seconds of your precious life.


-I’ll sell the kit itself for $30 which will come with a free sample of TT Buddy, which is another product which makes the trash can smell better.

-I’ll sell the kit installed on trash to people for $45, and it will come with a free sample of TT Buddy.

-I’ll sell the kit with installation into your trash can for $40, but it won’t come with a sample of TT Buddy.



The product will be packaged inside of a box full of packing peanuts, just to ensure its safety. But if it is going to be installed into your trash can, then the team will come and directly install it into your own trash can.



-In the world, there are approximately 1.3 billion people in the world who are handicapped or disabled as stated by World Health Organization.

-The total amount of annual revenue sales in the U.S.A. of smart trash cans is 346.29 Million USD. With the ever increase in the market, players, and demand, there is low risk for customers.

-If the whole amount of people, that I am addressing, will buy my product and if I can produce that many of my products, then I will get $4,000,000,000 in total.

-I expect this product to make at least 5,000 dollars in the market as a startup because of many people needing it, and because it has good pricing.


Problem to Solution

-The problem affects the customer by making them have a hard life over such a little thing.

-They want something that won’t hurt them in the long run.

-They want the price to be affordable which is a factor that this takes in.

-The customer would feel better and would have an easier life if they had this.

-Disabled or handicapped people would be really happy to get this product as well as normal people as it could help them in their daily lives.


Why You Should Support My Campaign: 

The Touchless Trash Bin offers several compelling reasons to support it, addressing convenience, hygiene, and sustainability concerns. Here are some key points to consider:

Hygiene and Health:

  • In a world increasingly focused on health and hygiene, touchless trash bins provide a hands-free solution, minimizing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria.

Convenience and Efficiency:

  • Touchless trash bins eliminate the need for physical contact when disposing of waste.

Modern and Smart Living:

  • The touchless technology adds a modern and smart touch to living spaces.

Reducing Cross-Contamination:

  • Touchless trash bins are designed to minimize cross-contamination by avoiding direct contact with the lid.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Many touchless trash bins incorporate energy-saving features, such as low-power consumption sensors.

Aesthetics and Design:

  • Touchless trash bins often boast sleek and modern designs, adding an aesthetic appeal to living or working spaces.

User-Friendly Operation:

  • Touchless trash bins are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive sensor technology.


The objective of creating a touchless trash can is

  • To provide a hygienic and convenient waste disposal solution that minimizes the spread of germs and promotes cleanliness in homes, offices, and public spaces.
  • By incorporating motion-sensing technology, the touchless trash can offers a hands-free operation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and promoting a healthier environment.
  • Additionally, it aims to streamline waste management processes by offering a modern and efficient alternative to traditional trash cans.
  • Ultimately, the objective is to enhance user experience, promote hygiene, and contribute to overall cleanliness and sanitation efforts.


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