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Math Quiz
For Grade 5

Answer the below-given Math Questions.
To unlock a special gift at the end!!

Mental Maths

Mental math involves performing mathematical calculations in the mind without relying on external tools, such as calculators or written methods, to solve problems quickly and accurately.

Here’s a short story to help you understand more about Mental Math.

Once upon a time in Mathland, there was a clever young girl named Mia. She had a magical notebook that could do mental math like no other. One day, Mia and her friends went on an adventure to Counting Castle, where they faced math challenges.

As they climbed the castle stairs, they encountered a mischievous dragon. To get past it, they had to solve a math riddle quickly. Mia’s magical notebook whispered the answer in her ear, allowing them to pass the dragon with ease.

Inside the castle, they found a treasure room with a locked door. Mia had to use her mental math skills to figure out the secret code. With the help of her notebook, she quickly solved the puzzle, and the door swung open.

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  • Q-1
  • What is the sum of 26 and 49?

  • Q-2
  • What is the product of 7 and 9?

  • Q-3
  • Lisa wants to buy a toy car that costs $14. She has $5. How much more money does she need?

  • Q-4
  • Julia has 15 stickers. She gave away 8 stickers to her friend. How many stickers does Julia have now?

  • Q-5
  • A store sells pencils in packs of 6. If Mark wants to buy 4 packs, how many pencils will he have?

  • Q-6
  • What is the equivalent fraction for 3/4?

  • Q-7
  • A box contains 25 chocolates. If Sam eats 10 of them, how many chocolates are left in the box?

  • Q-8
  • If a bag of sugar weighs 1 kilogram, how many bags of sugar weigh 3000 grams?

  • Q-9
  • A bakery sold 35 cupcakes in one day. If 12 cupcakes were a chocolate flavor, how many were of a different flavor?

  • Q-10
  • What is the difference between 65 and 34?


Mia’s friends were amazed by her magical notebook and asked how she was so fast in mental math. Mia explained that practicing mental math every day made her brain super quick in calculations.

From that day on, Mia and her friends became mental math wizards, using their skills to solve everyday problems and have fun with numbers.

Simply put, Mental math refers to the ability to perform mathematical calculations in one’s mind without relying on external aids like calculators or paper and pencil. It involves using mental strategies and number relationships to solve arithmetic problems quickly. 

Example: Adding 57 and 48 by breaking it down mentally: 50+40=90, 7+8=15, so the sum is 90+15=105.

This skill is essential in everyday life situations, such as calculating bills, making quick decisions, or solving math problems mentally. Practicing mental math helps improve number sense, problem-solving abilities, and mental agility, making mathematics more accessible and enjoyable.




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