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Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce through Strategic Partnerships

Who Are We?

K-12 education lacks innovation and entrepreneurship, leaving students unaware of their passions until later in life and inadequately preparing them for higher education & future of work. Recognizing this gap, Moonpreneur Inc. has taken up the mantle to bridge this educational void.

Moonpreneur Inc. is dedicated to igniting an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in students aged 7 to 16 through its pioneering Innovator Program. By providing a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes not only traditional academic subjects but also essential skills in technology, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and soft skills, Moonpreneur Inc. aims to equip young minds with the tools and mindset necessary to thrive in the modern world. Through hands-on projects, interactive workshops, and mentorship opportunities, students enrolled in the Innovator Program gain invaluable practical experience and insight into the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Moonpreneur also fosters entrepreneurial skills in 18-23-year-olds in India, and South America through its Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program (ELDP), in partnership with IITs, IIMs, and other prestigious educational institutes.

Where Our Existing Partners are Based?


Why Partner With Us?

Impressive Growth Trajectory:From a 3.5-year-old company, we are projected to reach $5M+ by Dec-2024 and $12M+ by Dec-2025.
High Customer Engagement and Retention: Our format has effectively engaged students, resulting in under 2.5% monthly churn and an impressive 22-month Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), with a forecast of over 3 years of LTV.
Positive Investor Backing: We've successfully raised $4M+ in Seed funding, with plans for a Series A round later this year or early next year.
High Projected Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): Our current LTV stands at $2500+ and is projected to increase to $4000. Our LTV/CAC ratio is around 5 currently and projected to reach 7-10 in 3 years, indicating strong potential for long-term profitability and growth.

Why Partners Work With Us?

At Moonpreneur, we revolutionize K12 education by bridging the innovation gap and equipping students for the AI/Robotics/Automation-driven job market. Our pioneering education approach instills crucial tech, soft and entrepreneurial skills, empowering students to unleash their full potential.

Through our Marketing Partner model, businesses can engage in impactful lead generation via free in-person workshops at local event centers. With an exceptionally low fee structure and minimal time commitment of just 2-4 days a month, primarily over weekends, our model offers comparable earning potential (more as a side hustle) to traditional franchises. Join our journey to nationwide expansion and become a strategic partner in shaping the future of education. Don't miss out—connect with us now to explore the extraordinary benefits of our unique marketing partner model.


Online Training

On-job Training at an On-going Workshop/Event

In-person Guidance During First Workshop/Event

Learning Kit Provided

Leads Acquisition Assistance: We understand that reaching potential customers can be challenging, which is why we'll be helping you to acquire the minimum required leads. Our proven marketing strategies and tools will help to attract the right audience, ensuring that your workshops are well-attended and successful

Program Delivery: Once your interest has sparked and converted leads into customers, you can take pride in knowing that our team of experienced educators will handle program delivery entirely. From content delivery to personalized support, we'll take care of it all, ensuring your customers receive top-notch learning experiences.

Flexibility & Work-Life Balance: The beauty of our marketing partner model lies in its flexibility. You won't need a permanent physical premise, saving you from the burdens of overhead costs. You can conduct workshops one to four times per month or even more, primarily over the weekends. This allows you to maintain your current job while dedicating your efforts to the marketing partner on weekends.

Entrepreneurial Support: Throughout your journey, we will provide ongoing support, guidance, and regular training to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. Your success is our success, and we're invested in making this marketing partner a rewarding and lucrative endeavor for you.


Parameter Moonpreneur* Kumon*
Startup Fee $10,000 - $20,000 (half of which is deposit) depending on Location $67,428 – $145,640
Work Days Avg. 2-4 today days (only on weekends) each month 22 - 25 days each month
First Year Earning Potential $35,000 - $45,000 $32,832 - $41,040
Second Year Earning Potential $45,000 - $55,000 $49,248 - $61,560
Third Year Earning Potential $55,000 - $75,000 $73,008 - $91,260

* Data taken from: https://franchisetheory.com/kumon-franchise-cost-fees-and-profit/
* *All the numbers of Moonprenuer are estimated based on our prior experience with other partners. The estimates may vary from partner to partner.

Outlined below are the respective responsibilities of Moonpreneur and the marketing partner.

Responsive Table
Item Name Marketing Partner Responsibilities Moonpreneur Responsibilities Comments
Arranging event place Yes Will provide rental ($s) Need to make sure there are classrooms, TVs, projectors, hall, AV equipments, etc. to manage event well
Workshop and other online support Yes, Moonpreneur will take care all online support
Leads We expect you to bring leads as well We’ll provide substantial leads
Organizing event You’ll be executing We’ll be providing a set fee towards snacks/beverages etc. per event
Moonpreneur Executive Onsite Support We’ll be sending an executive (all expense covered by us) for at least 1 events out of initial 2 This support will be available only during initial 3 events.
Event Kit and more Printing rate sheet, and event-related marketing material (usually on A4 sheet, 1X of registered users, i.e. if 100 students are attending about 100 total printouts) Moonpreneur will send an event kit including table cloths, one banner, flyers, a few learning kits, Moonpreneur board games etc.
Event training Moonpreneur will provide necessary event training
Post conversion (sales) support Moonpreneur will take care of it 100%
Collecting Payments from Students You’ll be responsible for collecting initial registration charges (one time) via Moonpreneur links Moonpreneur will be responsible for collecting monthly/annual payments

What Our Partners Have To Say?

Our partners' testimonials speak volumes about
the impact and success of our collaboration.

“Moonpreneur is looking at a child’s overall progression and not just their educational perspective.”

“The program has helped the children around me realise their dreams and take their ideas to the next level where the traditional educational systems fail.”

“As a dedicated partner, I was happy to learn that Moonpreneur program was easy to understand and ramp up.”

“What made us stick with Moonpreneur is the overwhelming response from parents.”

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