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Math Quiz
For Grade 5

Answer the below-given Math Questions.
To unlock a special gift at the end!!


Algebra is the part of mathematics that helps represent problems or situations in the form of mathematical expressions. 

Here’s a short story to help you understand more about Algebra.

Once upon a time, in a land of mystery, there was a clever wizard named Al. He had a magical treasure chest filled with colorful gems. However, the chest had a secret code to unlock it.

One day, Al met a young adventurer named Max who wanted to unlock the treasure. Al showed Max a mysterious rule: “Whatever you do to one side of the equation, you must do to the other.”

Max was intrigued and saw that the code looked like this: x + 5 = 12. He had to find the value of x to unlock the chest. Following the wizard’s rule, he subtracted 5 from both sides of the equation, and like magic, the equation revealed x = 7.

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  • Q-1
  • What is the value of x in the equation 3x + 5 = 17?

  • Q-2
  • Which symbol should replace the question mark in the equation:  7 ? 7 = 14?

  • Q-3
  • What is the value of y in the equation 2y – 3 = 9?

  • Q-4
  • Which symbol should replace the question mark in the equation: 10 ? 5 = 2?

  • Q-5
  • What is the value of z in the equation 5z + 2 = 17?

  • Q-6
  • Which symbol should replace the question mark in the equation: 6 ? 6 = 36?

  • Q-7
  • Jenny bought a dress for $40. She also bought two pairs of shoes, each costing $25. If x represents the total amount of money Jenny spent, which equation correctly represents the situation?

  • Q-8
  • Alex mowed lawns for his neighbors. He charged $15 per lawn. If y represents the total amount of money  Alex earned after mowing 4 lawns, which equation correctly represents the situation?

  • Q-9
  • Emily has $60. She spends $20 on a toy and saves the rest. If s represents the amount of money Emily saves, which equation represents the situation?

  • Q-10
  • Maria has 15 apples. She eats x apples and has 9 apples left. Which equation can be used to find the value of x?


With the secret code cracked, the treasure chest opened, revealing sparkling gems of all colors. Max learned that algebra was like solving magical puzzles, where letters could represent hidden numbers, and solving equations unlocked the secrets of the unknown.

From that day on, Max and Al became a team, solving enchanted algebraic mysteries throughout the land.

In this way, Max discovered the wonders of algebra, where logic and math combined to unlock the mysteries of the magical treasure chest.

Simply put, Algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses symbols and letters to represent unknown quantities and the relationships between them. 

In algebra, we use numbers like 2, −7, 0.068, etc., which have a definite or fixed value. Also, use variables like x, y, and z along with numbers.

For example: 1 + x = 4

Then x = 4 – 1 ; x = 3

So, the value of x in the above equation is 3.




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