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Math Quiz
For Grade 4

Answer the below-given Math Questions.
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A fraction is a way to represent a part of a whole or a part of a group. It is written as two numbers separated by a line. The number on the top is called the numerator, and the number on the bottom is called the denominator. The numerator tells us how many parts we have, and the denominator tells us how many equal parts make up a whole.

Here’s a story about two friends named Alex and Emily to help you understand fractions.

Once upon a time, Alex and Emily baked a delicious pizza together. They divided the pizza into 8 equal slices to share it equally. Alex, feeling really hungry, wanted 3 slices, while Emily, feeling a bit full, only wanted 2 slices.

In this story, the pizza represents the whole thing, and the 8 equal slices represent the parts of the whole. The numerator, which is 3 for Alex, shows the number of slices he wants. The denominator, which is 8, indicates the total number of equal slices in the pizza.

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  • Q-1
  • Maria drank 3/4 of a glass of orange juice. How much of the glass is left?

  • Q-2
  • Chloe rode her bicycle for 2/3 of a mile and then walked another 1/3 of a mile. How far did she travel in total?

  • Q-3
  • During a basketball game, Tim made 7 out of 10 free throws. What fraction represents the number of successful free throws?

  • Q-4
  • A recipe calls for 3/4 cup of sugar, but Jane only wants to make half of the recipe. How much sugar does Jane need?

  • Q-5
  • A garden is planted with 60 flowers. Out of these, 3/5 are roses and the rest are sunflowers. How many sunflowers are in the garden?

  • Q-6
  • In a bag of marbles, 1/5 is red, and 3/5 is blue. What fraction represents the marbles that are NOT red or blue?

  • Q-7
  • Which fraction is equivalent to 2/3?

  • Q-8
  • John drank 1/2 liter of water and Mark drank 1/4 liter of water. How much water did they drink altogether?

  • Q-9
  • A rope is 6 feet long. If I cut off 1/3 of the rope, how long is the remaining piece?

  • Q-10
  • If a school has 120 students and 1/4 of them are in the art club, how many students are in the art club?


So, we can write Alex’s fraction as 3/8, meaning he wants three parts out of the eight equal parts. 

Similarly, Emily’s fraction would be 2/8, as she wants two parts out of the eight equal parts.

In simple terms, Fractions are the numerical value that is part of a whole. 

Fractions are useful when we want to share things equally or talk about parts of a whole. They help us understand how things can be divided and how we can represent those divisions using numbers. Fractions help us express quantities that are not whole numbers, like halves (1/2), thirds (1/3), or quarters (1/4).




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