Show & Tell Competition

Show & Tell Competition

Age Group: 7-16+ years


(Inclusive of a monetary reward and various other gifts)​

Show & Tell Competition invites you to share your creations with the world. Showcase your ideas on our live stage and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes!

Why You Should Join The Show & Tell Competition?


Recognition and Validation


Networking Opportunities

Competition Structure

The competition will be conducted in
three age groups:
a. 7- 8 years
b. 9-11 years
c. 12+ years

There are two types of competitions in Robotics Show and Tell:

Project Segment: Any project that you have been working on will qualify for this category. From something as simple as Arduino to as advanced as a robot, you can present the projects

Prototype Segment: If you have built a prototype of your ideas, seize the opportunity to participate in this segment and present your prototypes to an audience at the event.

Presentation Methodology

What to Bring to the Competition?
Come prepared for success by bringing:

Grading Criteria

Projects and presentations will be evaluated based on:

Meet Our Students And Get Inspired

Play Video

Soham Jain

11 Years

Creator of Aquashot Kit, Sold 100+ kits on Amazon

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Puneet Salgundi

10 Years

Puneet has designed and created Earthquake Detector

Play Video

Arham Jain

9 Years

Creator of Candy Dispenser

Play Video

Ananya Tayal

13 Years

Ananya is the creator of the innovative "Blind Stick" robotics project

Play Video

Sania Jain

15 Years

Creator of Sania Box Raised $8000 on Kickstarter

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