ELDP Startup PitchFest: Exclusive for ELDP-IIT & IIM Students

The ELDP Pitchfest Grand Finale welcomes students from the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program, conducted in collaboration with IIT and IIM network, to showcase their ideas and enjoy exclusive perks.

Our Success Story- Incubation/Startups Stories


Incubation Centre
IIT Patna

Rishi Ranjan Kumar

Rishi Ranjan Kumar co-founded Ladyfair—an app delivering salon services to women at home, saving them from the hassles of commuting, traffic, queues, and long waits.

Funding Round: Seed
User Base: 5000+
Recognition: Startup Bihar

Bhoomi AI

Incubation Centre
IIT Patna

Anant Kumar

Anant Kumar, founder and CEO of Bhoomi AI, pioneered this online service to help farmers deal with pest and crop disease challenges.

Funding Round: NA
User Base: 1500
Recognition: STPI Infocom Award 2023
Moonpreneur IIT Patna ELDP Winner; ESDM Scheme Grant (Rs. 10 lakh)

Logic Boots

IIT Roorkee - TIDES

Amit Singh

Logic Boots, an IoT-based vacuum cleaning and mopping robot, is the brainchild of Amit Singh, who is currently spearheading the company as its CEO.

Funding Round: Startup India Seed Fund Scheme
User Base: 100+
Recognition: Shark Tank India Season 2 Finalist, ELDP IITR ELDP Pitchfest Runner UP; Honored by Rajiv Chandrashekhar for Medical Electronics Invention

About ELDP

Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

 In the heart of India, we are sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship in young minds, forging a path for transformation and innovation. Our relentless dedication manifests through the 12-16 weeks Entrepreneurship Bootcamps, where we reach out to unserved and underserved students in rural India, igniting their entrepreneurial spirits. 

Moreover, our strategic collaboration with eminent institutions like the IITs and IIMs has woven an extensive ecosystem.

The results speak volumes – we’ve already left an indelible mark on the lives of approximately 2000 students. We are aiming to empower 20,000 students and broaden our reach to more states and institutions

A Network of Impact

Prize money
1st Prize
Rs.1.5 Lac($1,800)
2nd Prize
Rs.1 Lac ($1,200)
3rd Prize
Rs.50,000 ($600)


Who can participate?

Finalists from the ELDP Program organized in collaboration with IIT Roorkee, IIT Patna, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Vizag, and IIM Udaipur

How do I participate?

Grading Criteria

Projects and presentations will be evaluated based on:

Presentation Methodology


Participants are required to submit a pitch video.


For in-person presentations, notify in advance.

Our Judges

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