The climax of the MoonBattle Conference 2024 will be heightened by the captivating entertainment brought to you by none other than the IIT-Bay Area Music Club. This experienced group is popular in the Bay Area for orchestrating many events synonymous with high-energy fun and jubilation.

IIT-Bay Area Music Club

The club operates across the Peninsula, South Bay, East Bay, and North Bay, with Nikunj Parekh at its helm.

Featured Entertainment Act

Singing Extravaganza: Wrap up the evening with melodious tunes and soulful renditions. Gear up to be serenaded by a musical extravaganza.

Dance Performance: Whether you're a dance enthusiast or just looking to unwind, this segment promises to be a celebration of movement.

Sing-Along Moments: Indulge by sing-along.

Dance Floor Open: The floor is open for everyone to join in. Let your inhibitions go and dance like nobody's watching.

Unforgettable Night of Entertainment

So, we offer an unforgettable evening where singing and dancing come together to create an atmosphere of pure delight. This entertainment session is not just about performances; it's about creating memories, forging connections, and celebrating the joy of music and movement.

Get ready to let your hair down, indulge in the rhythm, and make this night a highlight of your conference experience.