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    21st April, Sunday

    9:30 AM Onwards

    India Commnunity Center, Milpitas,

    Welcome To MoonBattle
    Conference 2024!

    On April 21st ICC, Milpitas, CA

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    Summary of What's Included

    $199 worth of
    Innovator Program*

    Innovator Program offers Advanced Power Skills Training. It also ensures increased access to practical and holistic in-class learning. *$199 worth of Innovator Program (*One-time non-refundable registration fee of $1 to $9 will apply) Know More

    Save $99 with complimentary admission to the MoonBattle Conference

    MoonBattle Conference 2024 is designed for students, parents, and young entrepreneurs. The event will be jam-packed with activities such as keynote speakers, workshops, expos, competitions, prizes, and entertainment.

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    $59 Worth Moonpreneur Board Game Free

    Any registered child attending conference, between 7-16 years age, will get a $59 worth Moonpreneur board game for free

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    $158 Worth Competition Access Free Competition entry's closed for now.

    At the conference, there are 3 competitions for children. The first is the Show & Tell Competition, open to all. The second is the Quick Quest, also open to all participants. Additionally, there's an exclusive competition called MoonBattle Business for Moonpreneur Students.

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    $59 Worth Workshop Entry Free

    The MoonBattle Conference focuses on cutting-edge technology. The event will feature workshops where participants can delve into the diverse realms of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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    Hurry! Act Now, limited seats remaining!

    Details of What's Included

    Entry to MoonBattle Conference 2024 Event Lineup:

    Moonpreneur - The Ultimate Business Strategy Game

    Moonpreneur is an interactive board game that challenges your entrepreneurial instincts and vision. It is a gripping journey, teaching you various aspects of entrepreneurship. It also offers hours of gameplay and engaging family time.

    Complimentary Access to Competitions:
    Participate in various competitions during the event without any additional cost.

    Free Quick Quest Competition Join the Quick Quest competition, priced at $59.00, for FREE and showcase your skills!

    Free Show and Tell Competition Join the Show and Tell competition, priced at $99.00, without any registration fees.


    The climax of the MoonBattle Conference 2024 will be heightened by the captivating entertainment brought to you by none other than the IIT-Bay Area Music Club. This experienced group is popular in the Bay Area for orchestrating many events synonymous with high-energy fun and jubilation.

    Hurry! Act Now, limited seats remaining!

    About Innovator Program

    Step into the realm of innovation and empowerment with Moonpeneur's cutting-edge Innovator Program! Ready to dive into a world of possibilities, children aged 7-10 can choose between two exciting courses: Robotics and Robotics with Math. Unleash your potential as you explore electronic components, block/text coding, sensors, and more! Plus, with Robotics with Math, you'll not only master robotics but also conquer math like a pro! For those aged 10 and above, the adventure continues with our Artemis and Apollo courses! With Artemis, embark on a journey where robotics meets power skills, equipping you for success in every endeavor. Meanwhile, in the Apollo course, delve into the depths of technical prowess with mind-blowing robotics sessions. Join us and let's innovate, create, and thrive together!

    Here’s what you get with Innovator Program

    Our Speakers

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