MoonBattle Competitions

MoonBattle Competition
Date: April 21, 2024
Location: ICC, Milpitas

The MoonBattle is the culmination of four distinct competitive segments: MoonBattle Global Pitchfest, Quick Quest, Show and Tell, and ELDP Startup Pitchfest

Each section will see the participation of young, aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders in the making ready to demonstrate their talents and skills.

MoonBattle competition is divided into two parts

Part 1:
Moonpreneur Student Competition: This part is exclusively for
Moonpreneur/MoonBattle students. There are 2 competitions in this section

1: MoonBattle Global Pitchfest: Exclusive competition for MoonBattle Season 1, 2, and 3 students.
2: ELDP Startup Pitchfest: Exclusive competition for students who participated in our ELDP program in collaboration with IIT and IIM institutes.

Part 2:
Open To All Competition: Everyone is welcome to participate in this open competition.

1: Quick Quest: Quiz-based competition
2: Show and Tell Competition: Children can showcase prototypes, working models, and more in our engaging 20+ free trial workshops
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Here's how to join the competitions:

Open To All Competition: Everyone is welcome to participate in this open competition.

Step 1: Register: Sign up to secure your spot in the competition. Registration is free.
Step 2: Prepare: Once registered, prepare for the competition based on the competition you're participating in.

Join us on April 21, 2024, at ICC, Milpitas, for an out-of-this-world experience at the MoonBattle Conference 2024!

MoonBattle Global Pitchfest: Exclusive for Moonpreneur Students

Age Group: 7-10 years & 11+ years
The event will culminate with the finale featuring our current students, allowing them to showcase the skills, knowledge, and working prototypes they have acquired during their training and additional prototypes.

The winners will be rewarded with prizes, a participation certificate, an opportunity to be featured in our success story section, and more.

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Quick Quest: Open to all

Age Group: 7-8 Years, 9-11 Years and 12+Years
Anyone is welcome to join this exciting competition. Engage in answering thought-provoking questions spanning a diverse range of topics for a chance to showcase your knowledge and seize the opportunity to claim impressive prizes.

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Show & Tell Competition: Open to all

Age Group: 7-8 Years, 9-11 Years and 12+Years
In this competition segment, children can present innovative projects through prototypes to a live audience. The projects will be judged based on their innovation, problem-solving ability, creativity, functionality, and market potential.

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ELDP Startup Pitchfest: Exclusive for ELDP-IIT & IIM Students

The ELDP Startup Pitchfest welcomes students from the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program, conducted in collaboration with the IIT and IIM network, to showcase their ideas and enjoy exclusive perks

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