Robotics Course for Kids

For kids aged 10-17

  • Live instructor-led online classes
  • Hands-on learning with physical kits (Included)
  • Product learning experience
  • Learn coding for robotics
  • Prototype creation & go-to market

The Robotics Course is All About Making Your Child Ready for the Future of Work

Explore Robotics

Create a Humanoid

Deep Dive into Embedded Systems

Coding to Innovate

Gain Hands-on Learning and Product Development Experience

The Innovator Program provides a holistic learning experience that helps students develop technical, entrepreneurial and soft skills

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    Exciting hands-on learning experience

    Mind-mapping quizzes & assignments ​

    Fun learning through gamification

    Classes with multi-instructor setup


    our instructors will soon be your child's best friendS!

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    Our robotics for kids curriculum is a unique blend of gaining technical knowledge of robotics and entrepreneurial skills. Young entrepreneurs (aged 10-14 and 15-17) will receive hands-on learning experience with instructor-led classes and tool kits so that they can indulge in robotics programming right from its foundation to the process of prototyping robots and commercializing them.
    Our robotics classes for kids are suitable for children aged 10-17.
    No. The program curriculum is such that children do not need to have any prerequisites or prior knowledge as it has been carefully designed to meet the needs of robotics for school students. They will start from scratch and will gain foundational knowledge of robotics.
    We have several qualified instructors who have vast knowledge and experience in the field of teaching kids robotics. We follow a very stringent selection process for hiring instructors and they are thoroughly vetted before they come on board. All our instructors have excelled in the field of robotics engineering for kids.
    Yes, the learning kit is provided for a hands-on learning experience. The price for the learning kit is inclusive of the fee and so you don’t need to return even after your child has completed the program.
    Moonpreneur focuses on teaching children about futuristic technologies. Robotics is one of the crucial subjects that is going to play a vital role in the near future. Learning robotics for kids will not only help them keep abreast with the current trends but also prepare them for the future of work.
    Yes, students receive a completion certificate after every stage.
    Sure. However, it is advisable to concentrate on one subject at a time so that they can give full attention to it. After the completion of the robotics class for kid, your child can start learning about another subject.
    Moonpreneur is a Silicon Valley company that offers futuristic learning solutions to children between the ages of 10-17. What started as a plan and idea to teach futuristic skills to children and disrupt the current education system about a year ago, now has a global footprint that is transforming the lives of children. Our meticulously designed 4-stage (patent-pending) Innovator program aims to prepare children for the future of work by imbibing an entrepreneurial mindset via product-first learning. The company has been co-founded by industry veterans who have built multiple successful companies. Our advisors are industry beacons who have founded and exited multi-million dollar companies.

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