Coding + App Development Course for Kids

Coding + App Development Course for Kids

Learn the technology, application, and commercialization in app development

For kids aged 10-14 and 15-17





Our App Development curriculum is a unique blend of the technical knowledge of coding for kids leading to app development and entrepreneurial skills. Students (ages 10-17) will receive hands-on learning experience with instructor-led classes and learning kits right from its foundation to the process of prototyping, and commercializing them.

What You Will Learn?

  • App Development:
    • DJANGO – I
    • Microcontrollers
    • App Layouts & Design (UI, Buttons)
    • Text to Speech, Audio Playback
    • Prototyping an app
    • Commercializing an app
  • Coding:
    • HTML 5 – I
    • HTML – II
    • CSS

App Development Can be a
Great Asset for Kids

App Development Can be a Great Asset for Kids

  • Learn future-tech with app development
  • Get hands-on training with learning kits
  • Develop an app
  • Know how to launch on app stores
  • Level
  • Duration
    3-9 Months
  • Weekly hours
    3 hrs (2 Hrs Classes + 1 Hr Lab)
  • Age
    10-14 and 15-17
  • Mode
  • Language
  • Learning Resources
    Books, Moonpreneur
  • Pricing
    Starts at $77/month(USD)
  • Prerequisite
    Desktop/Laptop, Internet Connection, Headphones
  • Free Session
    Book a Free Trial

*Students will receive learning kits as part of the curriculum. The price for these learning kits is included in the fee.

What You Will Learn?

  • Basics of robotics 
  • Introduction to microcontrollers (Arduino)
  • Basics of electronic components and electrical circuits
  • Introduction to motors and sensors
  • Introduction to coding
  • Introduction to Arduino IDE & interfacing with computer
  • Product Development Lifecycle
  • Introduction to eCommerce Platforms (Amazon, eBay, Kickstarter, etc.)
“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler
“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler

Program Outcomes

  • Understanding of various sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, IR Sensor, Temperature Sensor, etc.
  • Develop soft skills such as critical and analytical thinking
  • Understand the Sweeping servo motor application
  • Projects
    • Gesture Controlled Light
    • Range Finder
    • Flex based Motor Control
    • Robot Steering Mechanism
*Students will receive learning kits as part of the curriculum. The price for these learning kits is included in the fee.

Learning robotics opens up
a whole new world of exploration
LIZA, 13 Years

App Development for Kids: How Our Program is Different

Our program not only helps children learn app development but also teaches them the application of this technology in creating prototypes and selling them. This hands-on learning and entrepreneurship skill development approach makes our program different from other online coding courses for kids.

3 Months

Learn App Development:

Learn the technology

3 Months

Build an App:

Apply the learning to create a prototype

3 Months

Launch Your App:

Launch on mobile app stores

Up to 20 Hours of Engagement in a Month

4-Hours Instructor-led Tech Sessions

6-Hours Live Instructor-led Critical Skills Sessions

4-Hours SME/Industry Expert-led Life Skills Sessions

4-Hours e-Learning video assignment

Book a 90-min Trial Class for Your Child

No credit card required.

    Free Learning Kits

    Students will receive tech/hardware kits for hands-on learning as part of the curriculum. The price for these learning kits is included in the fee.

    Moonpreneur is a business strategy game for children to learn real-life entrepreneurial skills in a hands-on way.
    Students will receive books to aid them in developing coding and app development skills.

    Meet Our Teachers

    Kenny Bae

    Associated with Wolcott College Prep, Chicago, IL, TEDx Wolcott College Prep Organizer

    Freedom Cheteni

    Editor-in-Chief of the School Superintendent’s Journal, CEO, InventXR, Former Director of Curriculum - Stanford University

    Altaf Shah

    Professional App Developer, Founder of a software company, Master of Engineering, Pursuing Ph.D. Machine Learning and Image Processing

    Watch App Development Sessions

    Parents Testimonials

    • Rupert White

      This course has helped my child learn about subjects that he is interested in. My son has been quite fascinated with apps. The school curriculum does not include any subject that would give him even a basic idea of what it was. The app development course appears to be designed specifically for my son. He is enjoying himself so much that he looks forward to these sessions.

    • Leah James

      I would like to thank Moonpreneur for coming up with this program. Before I enrolled my child in this program, I was worried about her future, but now I am relieved. Currently, my child is pursuing the app development course and her feedback has been really positive. They have extremely good teachers to mentor the kids in their sessions.

    • Emmett Miles

      Thanks to Moonpreneur's Innovator Program, my child is learning about so many new things. He is currently in the fourth stage and is learning about how to market and sell products. It's amazing how this program is helping my child learn about things that many adults are unaware of. Now, my daughter also wants to enroll in the Innovator Program. I am going to enroll her next year when she turns 10.


    • To create portfolios for university
    • Prove your skills with an outcome-focused approach
    • Show your updated knowledge in the latest technology


    This program is suitable for children aged 10-17
    No. The program curriculum is such that children do not need to have any prerequisites or prior knowledge of app development before joining. They will start from scratch and will gain foundational knowledge of the subject.
    We have several qualified instructors who have vast knowledge and experience in the field of app development. We follow a very stringent selection process for hiring instructors and they are thoroughly vetted before they come on board.  

    Yes, our instructors will walk the child through the best coding apps for kids available on the web.

    Yes, the learning kit is provided for a hands-on learning experience. The price for the learning kit is inclusive in the fee and so you don’t need to return even after your child has completed the program.
    Moonpreneur focuses on teaching children about futuristic technologies. App Development is one of the crucial subjects that is going to play a vital role in the near future. Knowledge of app development will not only help your child keep abreast with the current trends but also prepare them for the future of work.
    Yes, students receive a completion certificate after every stage.
    Sure. However, it is advisable to concentrate on one subject at a time so that they can give full attention towards it. After the completion of the course, your child can start learning about another subject.

    Moonpreneur is a Silicon Valley company that offers futuristic learning solutions to children between the ages of 10-17. What started as a plan and idea to teach futuristic skills to children and disrupt the current education system about a year ago, now has a global footprint that is transforming the lives of children. Our meticulously designed 4-stage (patent-pending) Innovator program aims to prepare children for the future of work by imbibing an entrepreneurial mindset via product-first learning. The company has been co-founded by industry veterans who have built multiple successful companies. Our advisors are industry beacons who have founded and exited multi-million dollar companies.

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