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Moonbit Learner Basic Kit

Moonbit Learner Basic Kit is a Learning Development Kit, a product by the Innovation Lab team that constantly strives to empower young tinkerers and innovators. The kit give learners a way to engage themselves in embedded electronics and Python Programming Language.

Key Features

  • Onboard Sensors to learn programming
  • Hands-on experience in embedded learning and robotics
  • Comes with a mini-breadboard, servomotor and other accessories
  • Learn logical thinking in programming
  • Compatible with BBC Micro:Bit
  • RGB LED, Slide Switch, LDR, and Buzzer to play with while learning

Kit Contains

  • Micro:Bit Kit

  • Breadboard

  • Push buttons

  • RGB LEDs

  • Green and Red LEDs


  • Resistors

  • Servo Motor

  • Slide Switch

  • Active Buzzer

  • Jumper Wires

  • Screwdriver