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Lenovo – Flex 3 Chromebook Review – Part No 82BB000AUS – For kids

Available at Bestbuy in the 2022 Black Friday sales, for just $99 the Lenovo 11.6″ Chromebook can be a great buy for your 8 to 12 year kid.

The laptop can be folded and with touchscreen it gives the feeling of a Tablet.



An of course, keypads are always nice to have, especially if you are creating contents ( Moonpreneur students create a lot of content in moonjourney).


Inside the Box – The Techy details

The Screen

The 11.6 inches  1366 x 768 (HD) Display is a bit small but good enough for most works including text editing, video call and running all small software.

Processor, RAM and Storage

The Dual Core Celeron N4020 at 1.1GHz not a computing horsepower, but with Chromebook you do not need one.  You will not be running any software locally and the processor is good enough for all online works. The 4GB of LPDDR4 is also good enough for most tasks of starter computing machine. This Lenovo – Flex 3 Chromebook also comes with 64GB of eMMC flash memory. Since you will be storing your stuffs on cloud the size of the storage does not really matters. The eMMC storage ensures that the memory access is fast.


Battery Life

The 10 Hours of battery life exceeds the 8 hours that we need for full day working. The 45 Watts consumption ensures lower Electricity Bill, helping environment.


Lenovo – Flex 3 come with camera and Microphone, so kids can use it for Video Conferencing and learning. It is better than the Tablets, as it has keyboards, that are required by the kids for their Robotics classes at Moonpreneur.

It does not come with an Ethernet Port, but, err .. who uses these now a days. And you can always add a USB to Ethernet adapter if you need to.


We generally recommend the Chromebook over the Windows laptop for younger kids who are prone to clicking on undesirable links bring in worms and virus with undesirable consequences. All this while saving the cost and keep a laptop for purchase when they grow up a bit and can understand the nuances of figuring our what could be an undesirable link to click.

Chromebooks also work with our Robotics Classes designed for 8 to 15 year old and you can get an hour of this class free by booking your slot here.

For older kids who need faster machine you can check Lenovo laptop with Intel Core i3 available for $299.99 in 2022 Black Friday at Best Buy.


Specification :

  • Display – 11.6″ HD Touch-screen
  • Processor Celeron N4020 –
  • Storage 64GB eMMC
  • Includes Camera and Microphone

Author Bio


Vikas Shukla, an innovator at heart whose undivided attention is dedicated to technology. His inquisitiveness to create has led to several innovations in the field of hardware and software. He is the architect behind several successful learning products for students. These tool kits are a part of the curriculum at Moonpreneur.