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Embedded Learner Basic Board is a DIY Prototyping Kit, a product by the Innovation Lab team that constantly strives to empower young tinkerers and innovators. The board gives learners a way to engage themselves in embedded electronics.

Key Features

  • Hands-on experience in embedded learning and robotics
  • Exciting components to play with while learning
  • Learn programming language
  • Onboard Arduino Nano
  • Includes Traffic Light Pole

The Kit Contains

  • Arduino Nano with Cable

  • Embedded Learner Basic Board

  • Breadboard

  • Traffic Light Pole

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Push buttons

  • RGB LEDs

  • LDRs

  • Green, Yellow, Red LEDs

  • Resistors

  • Servo Motor

  • Jumper Wires

The onboard electronic components makes the learning very easy and interesting.

The 16pins of LCD Display are mapped to 6 pins of ELBB pinout panel reducing the havoc of wiring. Also the onboard potentiometer come in handy when correct contrast is needed.

The pinouts of the Seven Segment Display are labeled which makes it easy to write the code for displaying the numerical digits from 0-9 and alphabets from A-F.

The frequently encountered indicators in daily routine, the LED and buzzers, are also available in board which plays a vital role in many projects. The board is completed by the push buttons and potentiometer which give the way to learn both digital and analog data, an essential part of embedded electronics.