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Code to Blink Multiple LEDs with Embedded Learner Board

Now get multiple LEDs blinking by using the Embedded Learner Board (ELB) which is a benchmark kit from Moonpreneur Innovation Lab. The board can be easily connected to Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Use the below-mentioned code to make multiple LEDs blink present on the ELB Board.

const int ledPin1 =  10;      // the number of the LED pin1
const int ledPin2 =  11;      // the number of the LED pin2
const int ledPin3 =  12;      // the number of the LED pin3
const int ledPin4 =  13;      // the number of the LED pin4

void setup()
// initialize the LED pin as an output:
pinMode(ledPin1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ledPin3, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ledPin4, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH); //ledPin1 ON
digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH); //ledPin2 ON
digitalWrite(ledPin3, HIGH); //ledPin3 ON
digitalWrite(ledPin4, HIGH); //ledPin4 ON
delay(1000); //delay for 1 second
digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW); //ledPin1 OFF
digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW); //ledPin2 OFF
digitalWrite(ledPin3, LOW); //ledPin3 OFF
digitalWrite(ledPin4, LOW); //ledPin4 OFF
delay(1000); //delay for 1 second