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16×2 Alphanumeric LCD Display Issue in Embedded Learner Board

Many Students have issues getting the Display on the 16×2 LCD on the Embedded Learner Board to work. The first thing that we need to ensure is that the connection between the Arduino Uno and the Embedded Learner Board is correct.

Following is the code for Displaying “Moonpreneur Welcomes You” on the LCD.

#include "LiquidCrystal.h"

// initialize the LCD library

void setup() {

// set cursor position to start of first line on the LCD
//text to print
// set cusor position to start of next line
lcd.print("WELCOMES YOU");
void loop()

If the connection is correct and the code is also not showing any compile error and the code gets downloaded to the Arduino, the likely reason is the contrast setting.  The contrast can be set by setting a potentiometer ( which is a variable resistor) using a small screwdriver.

Author Bio


Vikas Shukla, an innovator at heart whose undivided attention is dedicated to technology. His inquisitiveness to create has led to several innovations in the field of hardware and software. He is the architect behind several successful learning products for students. These tool kits are a part of the curriculum at Moonpreneur.