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Alphanumeric Character and their uses

Have you ever wondered what those strange characters are that make up your computer’s filenames and usernames? They are called alphanumeric characters, and they can be used for more than just naming files and logging in to your account. In this post, we will discuss where alphanumeric characters come from and how you can use them to create codewords for security purposes. Stay safe online by using these characters to your advantage!



Definition of Alphanumeric Characters

In the simplest definition of the Alphanumeric Characters consists of the following set in any combination

  1. Numbers 0-9
  2. Characters a-z ( small letters)
  3. Characters A-Z ( Capital Letters)

However, when we speak about the Alphanumeric Characters for different application, the character set is expanded to include many other characters.  In general the alphanumeric characters set is expanded to include  other than letters and numbers. Examples include $, @, -, %, *, and empty space. However, keep in mind that for some special class like passwords, some non-alphanumeric characters are considered alphanumeric, making them special characters in the set.

Alphanumeric Characters in 16×2 LCD

Alphanumeric Characters in in 16×2 LCD Display used by Moonpreneur Students. Here is how it looks like.


Alphanumeric characters are used in many areas, such as formatting websites, creating passwords and PINs for accounts, and for coding sequences in programming language. Alphanumeric characters are also used in mathematics, computer science, and other scientific fields.

You can use alphanumeric characters to create codewords for various accounts or websites. These codewords should include numbers, punctuation marks, and both upper- and lowercase letters in order to make them as secure as possible. It’s also a good idea to mix up the order of the characters you use so that it is harder for someone to guess your code.

Additionally, using alphanumeric characters on public forums or discussion boards is important for ensuring your safety online. You can create an alias with several different combinations of alphanumeric symbols in order to protect yourself from hackers who may be trying to access personal information about you.

In conclusion, alphanumeric characters are used for a variety of different reasons. They can be used to name files and log into accounts, as well as creating secure codewords and aliases. By being aware of their uses, you can ensure that your information is kept safe online. Take advantage of these symbols by using them in the right way!

Thanks for reading! We hope this blog post has been helpful in understanding the various uses of alphanumeric characters. Stay safe online and happy coding!


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Vikas Shukla, an innovator at heart whose undivided attention is dedicated to technology. His inquisitiveness to create has led to several innovations in the field of hardware and software. He is the architect behind several successful learning products for students. These tool kits are a part of the curriculum at Moonpreneur.