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    Liza is an innovator at heart. In her quest to utilize technology and come up with a multi-dimensional product that could be useful in various facets, she came up with the idea of ‘NRF Attention Reminder’. To improve and implement her idea, Liza connected with Moonpreneur, wherein she was able to work further on her prototype and make the best out of it. During her journey, Liza acquired soft skills and an entrepreneurial mindset which gave her the freedom to be more creative. She also learned about e-commerce platforms and other marketing strategies. Liza is now a budding entrepreneur trying to bring in a new change.

    Liza’s Achievements

    NRF Attention Reminder
    Liza created NRF Attention Reminder that can be used to transmit signals to main receivers and display a message.

    Liza’s Entrepreneurship Videos and Testimonial

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