• Students aged 8 to 17
  • Live (virtual) instructor-led sessions
  • Project-based learning
  • Curriculum as per age group
  • Multiple Learning Kits included
  • Holistic learning through Life Skills classes
*Registration Fee $49 Only

Program Outcomes

In this course, students will learn about the technical knowledge of robotics, fundamentals of programming (coding), statements, variables, working with sensors, and much more. The program is designed to inculcate deep technical skills along with leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking.

•  Basics of Electronics components and sensors
•  Basic of Electrical circuits
•  Basics of Microcontroller
•  Programming(Coding) C++, Python
•  Design Thinking
•  Prototyping Products, Crowdfunding and taking your product to market

Program Stages- FOUR

Explore Robotics (3 Months)

  • Technical concepts of robotics 
  • Learn basic programming (coding)
  • Working with sensors, motors, and components

Foundation in Robotics (3 Months)

  • Understanding microcontrollers, Arduino IDE, electrical circuits, and electronic components like accelerometer, gyroscope
  • Interfacing with computer and controllers

Prototype Your Robot (3 Months)

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Learn to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test
  • Product Development Lifecycle

Launch Your Robot (3 Months)

  • Introduction to crowdfunding and eCommerce platforms
  • Foundation in digital marketing, understanding analytics & insights
  • Learn procurement, inventory, and finance management

Program Summary

Monthly Hours:

10-Hour live instructor-led sessions

  • 4-Hour Instructor-led Robotics Sessions (Reduce the text size)
  • 6-Hour Life and Entrepreneurial Skills Sessions 
  • 8-Hour optional for doubt clearing
  • Unlimited access to video and course library
Program Duration:
12 months (split into four quarterly modules)
8 – 17
Live Online (instructor led session)

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*Registration Fee $49 Only

Holistic Education

Students will be provided holistic education encompassing Creative Writing, Video Creation, Financial Literacy, Public Speaking, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Meditation, and more.

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*Registration Fee $49 Only
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Moonpreneur is a Silicon Valley company that offers futuristic learning solutions to children between the ages of 10-17. What started as a plan and idea to teach futuristic skills to children and disrupt the current education system about a year ago, now has a global footprint that is transforming the lives of children. Our meticulously designed 4-stage (patent-pending) Innovator program aims to prepare children for the future of work by imbibing an entrepreneurial mindset via product-first learning. The company has been co-founded by industry veterans who have built multiple successful companies. Our advisors are industry beacons who have founded and exited multi-million dollar companies.

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