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Moonpreneur is an educational board game that has helped hundreds of children, young adults, and adults gain financial literacy and stimulate an entrepreneurial mindset in a fun way. Financial literacy is crucial and should be nurtured in children right from a young age. Sadly, there are hardly any tools available to teach children on this subject and make it enjoyable at the same time.

As education, games, and activities online consume most of the time and attention of youngsters today, it is crucial that they disconnect from the virtual world as gaining social skills is equally important and a board game like Moonpreneur has encouraged learning and interaction among children and families. It is the need of the hour that children learn offline through experiences and this board game simulates such a learning environment

Moonpreneur [The company behind board game] takes pride in nurturing financial literacy and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in children. This educational and fun board game makes learning financial concepts entertaining for children, who otherwise, don’t get a chance to indulge in it.

During the course of the game, players will move through various phases - from selecting appropriate educational qualifications to running a business; from buying insurance to protecting their business and assets; to deciding whether to set-up a factory and of what products, etc. The Players will be exposed to a wide range of topics that will sharpen their financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills, thus enriching and empowering them.


Take a look at the journey, how it came to life and other important aspects that make the game a sure-shot hit.

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To increase the financial literacy in the society, we have a series of sessions where we teach financial & business concepts to children. If you would like to arrange these sessions for children from your school or your community, then please fill the form below and we will connect with you to schedule special sessions for your school or community:

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    The upcoming eBook presents the basic financial & business concepts in a way that children can learn and remember the information. Book now your free copy of the eBook, and we will intimate you once the eBook becomes available for download:

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    The upcoming eBook presents the basic financial & business concepts in a way that children can learn and remember the information. Book now your free copy of the eBook, and we will intimate you once the eBook becomes available for download:



    Randomly came across Moonpreneur while scrolling through for fun business games. At first, it gave me the impression of Monopoly but then I took the chance and decided to buy it and boy I was not surprised. The game offers a lot more than monopoly and provides a business experience that keeps the players hooked. Me and my son have a go at each other to make it to the top all while learning new terms and finding ourselves in tricky situations. In terms of gaming experience and generating curiosity, this game is top-notch.
    Absolutely recommend!
    Mark Taylor
    Finally found a game that offers the learning of financial literacy. A concept that is so often neglected but kudos to the creators who have built the game around learning concepts. My young daughter has keen interest in business and this game turned out to be the right overview and platform for her to visualise what it’s like to be in the real setup. We have hours of fun family time playing Moonpreneur and I get surprised at how we find new elements of business every time we play. The gameplay is really easygoing and the overall experience is really really good. Top game!
    Katherin Cook
    What I love about the game is that it’s for kids as well as adults so even I can play it with my son, hah. All the material provided helps to understand the game easily and I like how they’ve let a few elements open-ended and for the players to interpret like determining the tax amount to be paid. Usually business games can become tedious after a point but this one just keeps on bringing things and excitement. My family really has developed this habit of playing it once before hitting the sack every night and sleeping with a feeling of a top entrepreneur, hah. Great fun!
    Joana Maroon



    The game is designed for 2-6 players.
    The game is designed for kids aged 10+
    Player with the highest amount of money generated through manufacturing, buying, selling and trading of products wins the game.
    The players will acquire entrepreneurial skills and learn about concepts such as financial literacy, profit and loss, taxation, crisis management and much more.
    Identify banker Give each player $1500 Players should choose one token each and place them in the space between the two STARTs Each player rolls the dice The highest roller starts and play moves to the left
    Any one of the players can become a banker. A banker can also play the game as any other player, however, they have to ensure that their personal belongings are kept separate from bank’s belongings.