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Healthcare Application System – My MoonJourney so far

Author: tstanz
Category: App Development

Hello, my name is Thais Stanzione. I am a 12 year old moonpreneur. Ever since I was very little, I’ve always been into the field of healthcare. Since that day, I have wanted to learn about how I can incorporate my ideas and interests into other individuals’ lives.

That’s when Moonpreneur came up. I started to dive deep into app development courses. I learned the important components and the basic code needed to create a successful app.

In stage 3, I learned how to code with Java script.  I have learned how to integrate the following screens into an app: Map location, call description, and basic text styles. After this, I made my own app: The Healthcare Application System.

The Healthcare Application System is an easy, centralized search for free care for uninsured and underinsured individuals in the USA. The app is a hassle-free search that reduces time allowing individuals to search one source for specific free care providers within their desired location.

I am working on a centralized app search for free care for uninsured and underinsured individuals in the USA. 


In stage 4, (marketing strategy) I learned how to develop a product and the importance of marketing elements which will help you create the basic foundation for your journey and community. I also learned the system of crowdfunding. This is where I can prelaunch my product in the market so that others can fund and grow my business.

My instructors have guided me to develop my app and have helped me expand my resume for future interests of mine. I hope to go to Harvard when I’m older and continue my career from there.

Thank you so much Moonpreneur for growing my abilities for the future! I hope everyone else has an experience just like mine!

Best, Thais.

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  • Sandra Gathoni says:

    WOW such an inspiring journey and yet so young i wish that also my ideas may one day work and have a meaning to my community

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