Finding New Interest in Robotics

Author: Vishal Malhotra
Category: Robotics

I have found a new interest for robotics after being in Moonpreneur’s Innovator program. The activities and interaction with my instructor have really made this subject super fun!

I have been enrolled in Moonpreneur’s innovator program since 2021. I started learning robotics with the program. I always presumed that I was not really interested in robotics but after I started the course I started developing a strong interest towards it.

The foundation and the exploration stage gave me a good base on electronics concepts, circuits and coding.

The activities were something I really I enjoyed and started looking forward to.

In the current stage, I’m actually working on my car alarm prototype! I can’t believe I would actually start working so much with circuits and learning coding along with it! The instructors have been super helpful so far and I can’t wait to finish this stage and start with the next one.

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