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Narrative Writing – Ch.1 of My Life In a Volcano

Author: #uma
Category: General

This book is about a volcano in which there is a town. But is the volcano active, or not? here is part of a chapter to get you started on the book.

Aurora stared into the bubbling lava below her house, she lived in a volcano. She dragged her legs through the straw that kept the burning stone below from hurting villagers from the village that she lived in. The lava bucket she was holding twisted and turned in the air but did not spill. Aurora took one last look around before kicking the front door open. She put the heavy buckets on the steel stove. Her brother Bill ran up and hugged her. She looked at the door and said “Somewhere I get some lovely buckets of toy-making stuff” She took a bucket of stone out of the fridge and chiseled him a toy train. ” Got to go to the workshop”, she said and left the house for work.

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Uma H

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