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Creativity and Inovation

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Here is my Haiku and Hypothetical Problems or Challenges Paragraph.

Hey Friends!

Today in the Creativity and Innovations class, we have braistormed some Hypothetical Problems/ Challenges and innovated solutions for them.

Me and My Team we chose to Design a system to improve communication between people who speak different languages

Designing a system with which people of different languages can communicate is complex. One way to solve this problem is via a special app. In this app, you can enter the language that you want to translate to and speak into the little bubble that pops up on the screen. So you could talk in Spanish and have it sound like you’re speaking Hindi. With this app, communicating with people in a foreign country won’t be as tricky as learning the whole language.

It was fun. Then after we were asked to create a Haiku Poem. Do you know what is Haiku!!!

It’s a Japanese form of Poetry which consists of only Three lines.

I created this ↓


I  love to sew dresses,

Today I made a ballerina’s dress,

It was super duper fun.

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