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Author: Pranav
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Moonpreneur has opened my eyes to the wonderful subjects of robotics and writing. I have really cultivated a passion for robotics through this class and my writing skills have improved greatly.

When I first heard of Moonpreneur, it was from my father. He approached me one chilly, windy, Wednesday afternoon asking if I wanted to take a robotics camp. At the time, this camp was called MoonshotJr. First hearing about this camp, I didn’t really know what I was signing up for. My understanding was that it was a camp designed solely for robotics. I was proven wrong when to my surprise, my father got an email with a Zoom link to another class. I assumed it was another robotics class so joining the session, I was prepared with all the materials necessary for a robotics class. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was in a writing class! At first, I was quite apprehensive about the course-why would learn how to write well help me in any way with my STEM skills? As the classes went on, I slowly started to like writing. I’ve always naturally been more STEM inclined so I may not love writing but I certainly hate it a lot less compared to before I started Moonpreneur. Robotics, however, naturally drew me in. I knew walking into the class that I’d love it and I didn’t walk out disappointed. Over the past few months, I’ve connected with the subject of robotics and I know that I’d love to continue it for years to come. My Moonpreneur experience includes engaging content and incredibly exciting ways of approaching a subject, both of which are vital factors when truly mastering a subject.

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