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A device that reminds you to drink water regularly and stay hydrated

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Water Bottle Reminder

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All of us would love to wake up, drink water first thing in the morning, and stay healthy, refreshed, and energetic for the entire day. Oh, but how many of us can do that? We all want to maintain a healthy and enriching lifestyle but fail to do so for various reasons.

Water is an essential component of our body and a necessity for survival. Even then, it has been observed that a huge proportion of people do not drink adequate quantities of water necessary for their bodies. Dehydration invites many health issues, and we struggle to survive through them in our lives.

The truth is, in today’s day and age, we all lead an extremely frenetic lifestyle, and more often than not, we simply forget the most important activity of the day, which is to drink water. But hey, what if we tell you that there is a product that could remind you to drink at regular intervals of time. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


Introducing to you our new project – Water Bottle Reminder. Water Bottle Reminder is a portable product that could be wrapped around any Water Bottle. It calls for your attention when there is a need for you to drink water. Not only that, the best part about it is that the product can be customized based on the age group of the user.

Danazia Briskey, Dayanara Ruiz Mendez

Danazia Briskey and Dayanara Ruiz Mendez (Innovator of Water Bottle Reminder)

Depending on the age, the device will trigger an alarm after equal intervals of time, let’s say 1 hour, in order to remind the user to drink some water. This functionality makes this product a fantastic addition to your lifestyle and a giant step towards leading a healthier life.


We all have that one favorite water bottle that we always carry when we step out of the house. Keeping that in mind, the Water Bottle Reminder has been designed to go with any bottle. It is a strap-on device that can be used with any of your bottles. Just put it on your favorite bottle, and you are good to go and stay hydrated throughout the day.


Water Bottle Reminder consists of various features such as:

  • Small circular PCB that consists of Atmega 328p IC, which is programmable through the header
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Accelerometer on board which helps to detect if the bottle has been tilted in combination with tilt sensor
  • A Buzzer to generate alarms


  • Atmega328p IC: To get the minimalist design, the Atmega 328p IC is directly soldered to the board. The same IC, which we find on the classic Arduino board. Thus making reprogramming and updating this board very easy.
  • 6 Pin Header: A 6 pin ICSP header is given to program the IC using Arduino as ISP or any other ISP programmer this IC can be programmed.
  • Tilt Sensor and Accelerometer: Working in combination, these two sensors help to identify the motion of a water bottle.


Step 1. Process was initiated by manufacturing printed circuit board that worked as a motherboard for the entire project.

PCB Designing

Step 2. Followed by careful assembly of critical components on the PCB.

Components Assembly

Step 3. To ensure every components and PCB are in sync, then conducted manual tests.

Manual Testing

Step 4. Conducted functional test to ensure every components is functioning flawlessly

Functional testing using multimeter

Step 5. The final program, specially designed for the project was loaded in the PCB

Bootload and Programming

Step 6. To ensure everything is in line with the initial idea and works perfectly.

 project video thumbnail

Mechanical Enclosure


  •  Step 1: The module needs to be strapped around the bottle using the Velcro provided in the pack.
  •  Step 2: If it has been an hour since you last drank water the alarm will go off indicating that you need to drink water. The quantity of water that to be consumed depends on the individual.
  •  Step 3: If you have already consumed water within an hour or after the alarm goes off, in both situations the timer will reset and wait for an hour before reminding you again.

Risks and Challenges

a) The water bottle reminder module being sturdy and portable faces the challenge of battery life. Currently, the module is powered by a CR2032 coin cell with a capacity of 225 mAh, which makes the module thin and compact but at the same time, wasting even 1 mA of current is not acceptable. Our team is working to reduce the power consumption of the overall module and give it a battery life of approximately 30 days. b) Electronics, the 3D printed mechanicals, and screws – all will be shipped separately. Users will have to assemble these on their own and use the product . c) The finished product is of 3D printed quality and may not look great.


One Water Bottle Reminder Module Get a single water bottle module that you can use with your favorite bottle
November, 2021
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Two Water Bottle Reminder Modules Get two modules that can be used with two bottles
November, 2021
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Five Water Bottle Reminder Modules Get five modules that can be strapped on to five different bottles.
November, 2021
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