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This a Door Lock Sensor. Has its own sensor, it can detect whether the door is fully closed or if the door is left ajar, it sends a notification as a reminder. It can also detect if someone is trying to break in through the door and send a break-in detection notification to the user’s mobile device




Nakuru, Kenya

Door Lock sensor

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  1. What are You Working On?

A Door lock sensor

What is Your Problem statement?

it should be able to identify all new or strange patterns used by unauthorized conventional locks and keys are the simplest and the cheapest way to secure a place. However, this method is not the best way to choose. In the eye of security experts, it is being considered as a very poor security method that has a lot of demerits. The demerits of conventional method are as follows: Easiness to duplicate keys, Conventional keys can be duplicated easily by unauthorized user by sending the original key send person who is trying to access the pattern so that they can get in secretly. Electronic access control system is a modern system that commonly used to protect properties of owner. And is more safer.

Where Did This Idea Come From?


When thieves broke into our neighbor’s house and got away with their things. And there had been many complains on theft in the community.


Why do you want to take your project on a crowd-funding platform?

Unlike traditional methods of raising finance, crowdfunding is innovative and based on the concept of raising funding via crowds of people. Crowdfunding enables businesses and individuals to attract investors in the business through the practice of funding a project by raising sums of money from a crowd of people who are willing to invest in the business. Some of those offering funds will do so altruistically, expecting nothing in return until the crowdfunding goal is achieved.

How is It Solving This Problem?

 Smart door locks can alert you when doors open and close, and some systems even allow you to give different people their own passcodes, so you know exactly who is entering. You can also pair your lock with a smart doorbell camera, allowing you to physically see who’s at your door with the click of a button. In addition help in reducing issues of theft and others social evils happening without people knowledge. The personalized passcode feature is perfect for kids, guests, in-home deliveries.

Who Would Benefit The Most From Your Product?

People in the society, more so those who have no ability to apply other security methods like; fencing their homes with electric fences. Smart locks allow a homeowner to enter their home or provide others access without requiring a traditional key. The user uses their smartphone or a key fob to wirelessly verify and mechanically unlock the door. Smart locks are an extension of home automation into home security.

Who Are Your Competitors and How is Your Product Better 

The electric fences company. My product is better because it can be installed in a hidden place therefore people cannot be aware about its presence unlike the electric fence which cannot be hidden. In addition it will help business people because it is affordable to anyone in need of it.

Tell Us About the Product Specifications and What is In the Box?


The product in the box is a door lock sensor and when you open inside you will find a complete Door Lock Sensor which is already connected and which ready to be put in use.





December, 2022
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