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Project Name: UVARPU (Group 16)
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UVARPU – Mental Health app



In this competitive world, people from children to adults are suffering from mental health issues without their knowledge. It is estimated that 1 in 7 people in India is suffering from some sort of mental health issues. According to WHO, approximately 7.5% of Indians are suffering from some sort of disorder and in number 56 million Indians are suffering from anxiety disorders.



The mental health companion app that consoles them, educates and empowers them.


What will our app do?


For instant problems, we offer anonymous interaction and interaction with our listeners.

For long term problems, we connect you with verified psychologists and psychiatrists.

For sharing their problems and experience, we offer various communities for them.


We teach psychology, logical thinking, critical thinking and decision making skills.

To make you feel better and more concentrated, we have our meditation classes.


Value Proposition:

>Free users can access premium features occasionally.

     Free users can also access premium services based on their rewards from games, anonymous interaction, mood trackers.

>Healthy and Secured anonymous interaction

    Speakers and listeners have the option to block abusive people, if the complaint is proved with pictures accounts will be blocked to access        anonymous interaction.


   One can access a maximum of two communities Time limit for community chat without a mentor is 45 min a day.

>Social Games

   Special social games will be available for the community to improve their communication and mental health.

>Aware, educate and empower

     free mental health-related article collections for people’s awareness. Own courses focusing on psychological skills and life hacking skills           will help students mentally and also in competitive exams.


Revenue Model: Freemium

     Free Services                                         Premium Services

Anonymous interaction                            Courses  

Psychologist info                                       Communities

Games & music with ads                          Game & music without ads

Intro tutorials                                              Journal

tracker                                                           Motivational speaker session

Communities ( 1 month free trial)



   For courses,

       we collaborate with verified staff from top universities

       In return, they can conduct surveys and experiments with our customers.

For meditation classes,

    We collaborate with ISHA like organizations

For therapies,

    we connect you with verified psychologists

    where we get revenue as a minimum share of the session fee

    First 12 months our commission is 5%, later 10%


Product Roadmap

 First 6 months: Minimum viable product development ( Uvarpu Website)

 6-12 months: Launch in Tamil Nadu & collecting feedback and improving

 12-18 months: Working more on other languages

 18-24 months: App development

 24-36 months: Introduction to the app with teaching psychology

                            Introduction of meditation, music, mood tracker, journal, articles, guided meditation classes.

                           Introduction of games and meditation prescription features.



Website development and maintenance = 200,000 INR

Operational cost (salaries) = 2,000,000 INR

Infrastructure = 330,000 INR

Marketing = 300,000 INR

TOTAL COST = INR 2.83 million




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