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The problem that I see and I want to solve is that it takes too much time to go to the grocery store. If you enter at 4 or 5 pm you will leave at 6 or 7 pm. This basically takes up your whole day after work or school.

The solution I want to provide is a app where it will show the fastest route for all of the items in the list you will enter. If stores agree to it we can put a device onto the cart which will show the items, or if that feature isn’t available you can view in your phone. This will make it easier since there are 2 features and the user can choose whichever one the want.





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My solution will show the fastest way to get every item. The problem is that it takes too long to go to the grocery store. This solution will help by saving a lot of time since it is the fastest route to get the items and you can finish a 3 hour rush in just 30 minutes



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