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Ludo Kids Learning

The pandemic has changed the way students study. Nowadays,

  • students have been forgetting fundamental concepts, formulas etc. Due to school lockdowns.
  • Online classes have made it difficult for students to focus on their studies.
  • Students are missing their fun way of learning like they used to do in pre-pandemic schools.
  • Parents are worried about their children’s online education.

To solve all those issues,

  • we came up with the Ludo kids learning app, for learning through gaming,
  • where kids can gain knowledge and also have fun doing it.
  • It will have fun learning games for 1st – 5th-grade children.
  • We also provide learning progress reports to parents and teachers to help their children to learn better.

Our App features

  • Users can log in and select their grade and preferred language,
  • We have 13-15 different games for each grade.
  • Games are Puzzles, sudoku, words hunt, mathematical games for addition and subtraction etc.
  • The games will be like every step of a game will have learning lessons followed by questions related to that learning.
  • Hints will be available for answering questions throughout the game.
  • Each correct answer will get a few in-app coins to use in different games and levels.
  • If they failed in any level of the game they can try as many times as they want by simply watching ads.
  • Children can play as a team and also can compete with other players, friends.

Total Addressable Market analysis:

  • Targeted customers are 6 – 10-year-old children.
  • According to census data, there are 130M students in that age group.
  • In Tamil Nadu alone, there are 5.7M students.

Our vision:

is to make learning fun and to encourage children to engage in learning concepts and general knowledge.

Product Roadmap:

Phase 1(0-8 Months):

  • App development and launching Tamil Nadu
  • Providing 10 to 15 learning games for each grade.

9-12 months:

  • Collecting feedback on working and features of the app

13-18 months:

  • Expanding our app in other states in India and the app will provide a few more games and   features.
  • Introducing Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) games.

Marketing strategy:

  • partnering with schools to suggest our app for their children.
  • Marketing through social media platforms, advertisement and conducting surveys or polls.
  • Advertising through television local channels
  • Marketing through social media and YouTube influencers.
  • Tie up with other apps to promote.


  • Providing our app as a free download
  • Capital expenses and salaries for our programmers and designers requires = 2,000,000Rs
  • Marketing and promotions requires = 300,000 Rs
  • Total Estimate : 2,300,000 Rs

Revenue projections:

  • Projected downloads for first-year = 100k.
  • On market average, there will be 10% – 30% daily users.
  • We will get 5000 – 29,000 INR per day through ads, in-app purchases and subscriptions.
  • 2,030,000 – 10,900,000 INR per year.


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