Short Story

Value Proposition


Variety: Different chefs with different specialty will be on board. Different menu everyday

Traditional recipes: Mother’s made every day traditional recipes

Price: Lower expenses of home cooks make the food affordable

Quality: Home made hygiene & non adulterated food

Selection: Online app makes it easier

Delivery: Hunger Buster is an aggregator platform to order & deliver homemade food.



Our Vision is to empower and grow local traditional home chefs and make available their specialty to every foodie at their doorstep. 


Idea Validation


  • Market Opportunity: Large young population, migrating to a large city for study and work. They live without the benefit of family support structure. Old single and couples living alone unable to cook regularly on their own


  • Student & Young working professionals & Old people living alone in gated societies to be surveyed

-their concerns & requirements

  • Home Makers with penchant for cooking and eager to add to family income

   – their concerns & requirements

  • Online key word search

– Keywords for Home food order frequency in a area

  • Pilot Run in an area with educational Institutes and corporates and societies with older population



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Problem Statement


  • Missing home cooked authentic food while staying away from family
  • Boredom with the same tiffin service 


Gap Identification

  • Home cooked food available online
  • Multiple home chefs with different cuisine



  • Local tiffin makers to be aggregated under one online platform.
  • Multiple home chefs’ options Vs same cook daily 
  • More cuisine variety Vs same recipe
  • Opportunity of small-scale chefs to reach potential customers


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