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Garden is a place that gives relaxation to the mind and soul. Besides, gardening can be an interesting and productive hobby. Also, it teaches a person the value of patience, hard work, and love and affection. Because gardening takes a lot of effort in growing and maintaining. It also gives peace to the person who takes care of it.

But many people couldn’t able to get the desired results due to various factors such as they lack experience, no proper guidance, climate condition etc. In other cases people don’t have much time to spend for gardening.

Introducing our GARDENING APP, which will be an solution for all your gardening needs. This app will be your good companion throughout your gardening journey. We have a group of experts who can guide you. Our consultant directly visit your place and arrange the whole setup of garden.

We are providing a variety of gardening options like terrace gardening, kitchen gardening, vertical gardening, lawn,balcony gardening etc. This app help you to get your dream garden with that you could feel the freshness of the nature which will bring peace in your mind. Gardening will lower down your stress and you can get fresh nutrious food from your garden .


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Gardening app (Group 3)

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Why Gardening app?

Gardening is a interesting & productive hobby and even the market of gardening have been increased tremendously during the pandemic  but many couldn’t able to achieve it due to various factors. One has to invest so much time and must fully involve in the activities of gardening. Though they put lot of effort they couldn’t able to achieve.

How this app Helps?

This app provide you the solution by variety of option for your garden.We have a group of experts who gives you both online and offline consultation & also we have a team who can arrange the whole garden setup for you.This app also provide the tips and tricks for gardening.It allows you to track the progress of your garden.

How to use the Gardening app:

This app is easy to use and it is an user-friendly application

Step-1: Install the gardening app in your device from the play store.

Step-2: Register in App using Email-id , mobile number.

Step-3: Complete your profile and get started

You’re ready to fully use the Application now…!


If you already have a garden and want to purchase a new product to your garden the use the shop option

Within shop feature:

  • You can see a variety of choices in the shop feature. The variety of choices are seeds, plants, tools, fertilizer ,decorative things for your garden etc
  • Add the products to the cart which you wish to buy for your garden
  • Enter the full details and place the order for your product

If you are a beginner and you want right guide to start a garden then choose the consultation option

Within consultation feature:

  • Within this feature, you have online consultation, offline consultation and garden setup. You can arrange for this in your flexible time.
  • In online consultation You can have video call with our experts and ask any doubts and queries regarding your garden and our consultant who are experts in gardening will guide you in a right way
  • In offline consultation our consultant will directly visit your place and clear your doubts& queries after looking your garden
  • Garden setup is a unique feature in our app where our team directly visit your place and arrange the whole gardening setup irrespective of the area you possess


If you want to track the growth of your plants in your garden use My garden option

Within My garden feature:

  • You can add the plants of your garden in the application by clicking the ‘add new’ option .Search for the plants that you are growing in your garden and choose the age of your plants
  • You can enable the notification and this service reminds you on a daily basis to do the activities like watering the plants, adding fertilizers and getting the yield.
  • You can also post the photos of garden and track the growth


If you want various tips and tricks choose the guide option

Within guide feature:

  • This feature enable you to access to various tips and tricks regarding variety of options like composting tips, plant sowing season, Mulching, vegetable garden and so many


If you want to updrade your version use premium option

Within premium feature:

  • Upgrade your normal version of the application to the premium version which will provide you the monthly based garden service
  • The premium user will get exciting discounts ,offers and also get the quick delivery without delivery charge.Also the user can get in touch with our experts at any time without any fee.


Within share feature:

  • Share the pictures of your garden with the other users and get exciting rewards



What is so special about this app?

Ease in use: This application is so easy to understand and interactive that anyone can use it to fullest.

Community building: We are going to have farmers as our consultant as they have much experience.We are also going to collaborate with the local nurseries to deliver the products. We believe that this experience of using modern technology in their work and the additional source of income will uplift the standard of their community in every aspects

Consultation : This is the unique feature which make our app special is the consultation as we offer both online and offline consultation in the flexible time of the users and also arranging the whole garden setup for the beginners.

Precision: Our gardening app provides precision in planning of your beautiful dream garden precisely of the whole journey.We offer the best things for your garden in the right time.

Safe and secure:Our app is an trusted app and it protects customer privacy and our app is safe to use.



Product Timeline:




How does this app reach the audience?

The best media of marketing about an App is of course Social Media, where people are more involved.

Sharing on social media platforms & word of mouth within friends, friends of friends and so on will help the app to fascinate more users.

Using many offers and rewards in our app to attract more users.


Why should anyone support us?

Gardening is the most stress relief hobby in today’s busy world. Even now many doctors and psychiatrists encourages to do gardening as this practice brings harmony and peace to the human. Gardening practices brings the person out of depression. Gardening is a mood booster and also promotes the health and teaches various good qualities. So  it is advisable for everyone to do gardening.

The global landscaping and gardening service market is projected to register a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period. During COVID-19, the effects were particularly perverse. Gardening had strong growth during COVID-19 in online sales, but the retail sector lagged in sales. At the same time, there was a loss in the prime season of growers and retail outlets. Thus, the global pandemic had a significant impact on the market. During the pandemic the market size has been increased by 9%.Even the sales has been increased by 40% compared to pre covid sales

Further ,in India the demand for garden products such as seeds, plants, garden tools, pots and planters, also witnessed a growth of nearly 300 percent, with tier-II and tier-III cities contributing to over 55 per cent to the demand.

Our app will mostly target the people in urban area as they are very busy, running out of time to look after a garden.The aspects that make our app unique and offer special value to customers are the accessibility and easiness to use. All existing solutions (apps and books or magazines) either require extensive background knowledge to use or consume a lot of time. As opposed to this, we offers an all-in-one solution that offers benefit from the start without any background knowledge. We also offers a full garden setup, consultation for all type of gardening. We also collaborate with nurseries and our consultant will be the farmers as we believe that this will bring upliftment to their community in a way.

And we, our team, are continuously developing ourselves and are trying to compete in the market with utmost honesty and sincerity, determined towards developing an Application that helps people to achieve  their dream garden in their desired place.


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