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Project Name: Call For A Bug
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About us:

Call for bug is a novel spectral sensing platform that offers unique benefits , such as food sensing and analysis. Our Food Scanner –solution exploits well-proven infrared spectroscopic methods for material detection, giving it a high measurement performance in compact size. The solution is truly portable and easy to accommodate to other applications, both industrial and consumer.

Problem Statement:

Food-related health problems such as food allergies, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease have grown to epidemic proportions and are taking a heavy toll on our society and our health systems.

There are huge group of people who are restricted from eating a specific category of food due to various health issues .

In such problematic times , our food Sensor can pinpoint contamination of the food at any stage, from production to consumption, identify what produces bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemical agents and toxins, which eventually cause food-borne diseases.

Making food choices for the family is so important, that’s why CALL FOR BUG is here to help you swap on better food choices and stay healthy!!


CALL FOR BUG  is a free mobile app that allows you to scan the food  and personal care products and instantly see their impact on your health. A rating and detailed information help you understand the analysis of each product.

Product Overview:

CALL FOR BUG app works by using your mobile phone camera to scan the barcode of a packaged food. It then uses science-based algorithms to calculate and then display simple nutrition profiles of the food

Scanning the barcode of a packaged food will find the data and calculations held in our database.  This is presented as easy-to-understand nutrition information that can be viewed as either a Health Star Rating (HSR) or traffic-light colored icons for key nutrients and energy.

In the Traffic Light viewing mode, colour-coded icons show the amount of adverse nutrients such as fat, salt and sugar. Green indicates a healthier choice with lower levels of these nutrients, amber has medium levels, with red indicating higher levels and is least healthy. As well as the nutrition information, it displays a list of similar products that you can switch to as a healthier choice. 







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