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Many families have to use plastic utensils instead of steel or other reusable utensils when on the go. And, using plastic is bad for the environment. A portable dishwasher that you can use to clean your dishes anywhere, Now families have a way of using reusable utensils. And while they reuse their dishes the environment is also saved.




San Ramon, United States (US)

Dishwasher Baby

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The Dishwasher Baby cleans any utensils up to 12-inches in diameter at an angle. It works great for cars, campers, RVs, hotels/Motels and even small houses or apartments, where people don’t have much room to keep humongous dishwashers. While the DishWasher Baby helps families, it also helps the environment because now we aren’t using plastic utensils, we’re using reusable utensils and cleaning them with the DishWasher Baby!




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