Well well well! Now that you know everything about the ‘MoonBattle – Empower The Planet’ challenge, and now that you are on course to achieve glory, let’s look into some rules & regulations, terms & conditions, and of course... tips! Hey! So if you are reading this, it means that you are really interested in making a difference in the future by taking part in the MoonBattle ‘Empower The Planet’ challenge. So read up to know the way forward!

Participating Rules And Regulations

1. Each contestant can give only one idea to enter the challenge. So choose wisely and zero in on the one you feel is perfect to pitch against other competing teams.

2. ‘MoonBattle – Empower The Planet’ challenge is a team challenge. Therefore each contestant must add a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 5 friends to form a team and complete registration. This means that each team size would comprise between 3 to 6 members. So team up with your buddies right away!

3. There is no entry fee for kids already registered with any Moonpreneur program; if you are not enrolled in any Moonpreneur program, then you either need to deposit a participating fee of $299/- per team, or, sign up for any Moonpreneur program, or, sign up for a free ’Innovator Program’ trial session. So get on it right way to enroll and start picking your team to fish a great idea.

4. For all contestants not enrolled with Moonpreneur, you must add a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 5 friends who are not enrolled in any Moonpreneur program, and form a team to complete registration. Hence your team size would comprise between 3 to 6 members. It would be amazing to get on it right away.

5. Upon completing the registration formalities, you will receive a welcome email detailing other aspects of the competition and the way forward. Make sure you heed the email to gain absolute clarity.

6. Links shared with you at the beginning of the competition are dynamic. You can keep updating information on it week by week for all the stages you cross through the 6-week mentoring process. This would be exciting!

7. So here’s a big advantage. All mentoring regarding MoonBattle will be done on Sundays through webinars. These webinars will help you build your idea week by week. Get ready to learn a host of things during your journey in MoonBattle.

8. ‘MoonBattle – Empower The Planet’ challenge will be super exciting every step of the way. The elimination round is in the 7th week, will be further followed by the finals in the 8th week. Winners will be announced in the final week. Gear up now!

Tips To Gain BattleVANTAGE!

1. Make sure your team members attend each webinar to gain points. This will increase your chances to qualify for the final round. Learn together, grow together, and win together!

2. This is a battle between ideas to ‘Empower The Planet’. Therefore your idea must be aligned to this central theme. It would be amazing to listen as to how your idea will help the planet!

3. There are two categories of age groups who will compete to win the challenge and other titles in their respective age groups. Having all team members from a similar age group would be to your advantage. Go recruit now!

4. The two categories are 8 to 11 years and 12 to 15 years respectively. There are so many prizes to be won. Don’t miss out on the chance to score a prize here. Maximum participation could help you win big!

5. Making your campaign page popular will go a long way in gaining points to qualify in the elimination round to win in the finals. Share your idea with the world and go for glory!

6. Make sure you share your pitch through your MoonBattle campaign page to as many people as possible and generate as many likes as you can. Increase your team’s chances to win.

7. Use the assets shared through the ‘Resources’ tab on MoonBattle page at all stages. Gain as much clarity as possible for structuring your idea in a logical way. The more you know, the more you show, and the more you gain. Simple!

8. The videos and PPTs shared through the ‘Resources’ tab is a brilliant source of knowledge to guide even after the webinars. Since all the information is readily available and shared in this tab, use it to the max. Gain the BattleVANTAGE!

Terms & Conditions

1. Final date for entries is Friday, the 10th of June 2022. The first session of the ‘MoonBattle – Empower The Planet’ challenge starts on Sunday, the 12th of June 2022. Competition of the first phase ends on Sunday, the 31st of July 2022. Gather your team now!

2. Your team must be ready with a minimum of 3 members in the 1st week of MoonBattle. You may add members further on until the 3rd week. However, it would be great to have a team that remains unchanged all through the 2 months competition. Team up and win!

3. A team once registered cannot change its members during the course of the competition even if members choose to leave the team at any stage. Therefore, a minimum of 3 members must represent each time in the elimination and final round as well. Stick together!

4.All teams must attend all the webinars organized by Moonpreneur for MoonBattle in order to gain maximum knowledge and above all... to earn points in order to qualify. MoonBattle will enlighten you in more ways than one.

5. Each team must create a 30 to 60 seconds introduction video that should be uploaded in the drive as per the instructions given in the 1st webinar ‘Introduction & Theme’. Introducing your team through a video would be so much fun.

6. All teams must create a 30 to 60 seconds teaser video that should talk about how much fun MoonBattle is and how you are progressing in the competition. This must be uploaded in the 3rd week. Watch out for instructions, and don’t forget to have fun!

7. All teams must create a 30 to 60 seconds video challenging other teams without naming any one of them and upload it in the 5th week of the competition. Remember, this is a friendly competition and so no team should hurt any team in any way. This video can be your war cry showing how excited you are!

8. All PPTs and videos must be uploaded to your respective MoonBattle campaign pages as and when required according to the sequence of the weekly webinars. Make sure your page is complete and attractive with amazing content. This is your chance to be the hero!

9. Each team must submit the email address, name, and mobile number of all non-Moonpreneur contestants participating in MoonBattle. The more the members, the merrier the show!

10. The decision of the judges and jury will be final and must be accepted by all participating teams. Gear up to deliver your best.

11. Teams are not allowed to share Moonpreneur assets shared given in the ‘Resources’ tab with anyone who is not signed up for MoonBattle. These are for your eyes only.

12. Moonpreneur reserves the right to amend, change, shift weekly sessions, elimination round and final round dates at any point of time without providing any prior notice.

13. Teams having less than 3 members will not be allowed to take part in the competition. Saddle up now to build your team.

14. Moonpreneur may use the team teaser videos, graphics, final PPT’s and final videos uploaded by participating teams freely without informing the participants, for creating promotional material for its programs or MoonBattle. All such material uploaded may be used by Moonpreneur at its own discretion.

15. Details regarding the final annual MoonBattle to win the grand MoonBattle Legend title and other titles will be shared at a later stage after the quarterly finals. Oh yes! There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

16. Moonpreneur reserves the right to stop, cancel or suspend MoonBattle annual competition or any other quarterly competitions of its own free will without any prior information.

17. All participants signing up for ‘MoonBattle – Empower The Planet’ challenge will be doing so of their own free will. Yes, you can and so wait no more. Ready your team!

18. All ideas shared by respective participating teams will be their own responsibility and Moonpreneur or MoonBattle will be free of any indemnification for ideas, or pitches submitted by participating teams if they get entangled in any kind of plagiarism, copyright infringement, and such events reported by any authority or any participating team.